Sunday, January 15, 2006

The desk

Yeah, yeah, yeah... so I've got no pictures of a non back-twizzling computer set up to show you (see post below). My monitor and keyboard can't both fit on the same side of the desk without my keyboard being right up against the edge of the desk (and even hanging off a little bit). I thought about putting the monitor on a shelf above, but monitors are heavy and those shelves are just held up by four little plastic pins. Not a good combo. This is gonna take more work than I initially thought. Perhaps a slide-out keyboard shelf. Or just a new desk. Dumb back. Who says they're supposed to be straight, anyway? ;)

On the plus side, I DID clean the desk off. No more junk.*

*On the desk that is. Now the junk is in a basket on the floor waiting to be sorted through.
I'll get there, I will! Feel free to yell at me anyway! :-)

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leesepea said...

Since the shelves are held up with pins, is it possible to just switch the shelf locations (i.e. take everything on the right side of the divider and put them on the left side and vice-versa) so that you can at least have your monitor on the same side as where you can tuck your legs under your desk? It looks as if you could do that, then you'd be able to slide the monitor back a little and still have room for the keyboard, which you might be able to tuck to the side if you needed the space in front of the monitor to do non-computer work.

Now you're making me re-thing my current desktop set up! I know I have to twist a bunch because I have my monitor off to the side over the drawers, so of course if I sit with my legs under the desk like a normal person should, I have to twist my body to the side, so instead I scoot my chair back and sit sideways and no wonder my back hurts, too!