Monday, January 02, 2006


It's a reeallly good thing I'm going back to work tomorrow. I'll have something to occupy my mind other than the most addictive game on the internet. That's right, folks. If you haven't ever heard of Qwyzzle, run far far away. Don't go near it. It will make you completely insane and suck away days of your life. You will bang your head repeatedly on your desk trying to figure out how the HECK to solve many of the 100 different levels. But boy, it's fun.

Try it. I dare you.

Be sure to read the messages in the status bar (at the bottom left corner of your browser window. Firefox users, you might have to use IE for it to work). They'll give you clues.

I have just recently finished level 34, after MUCH headbanging and tearing of hair (I wonder if my students will notice the bald patch tomorrow?). I don't have a nifty little summary of where I got stuck and the time spent like Gigglechick does, but it's probably best that my mom (hi mom!) and the rest of you don't know how many hours I've spent on this game. Gigglechick. I don't know whether to love her or hate her for introducing me to this cursed game.

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* 7:15pm Jan 2 - Level 34 completed. FINALLY.
* 8:49pm - STUCK on 36. I've tried every possiblity, and nothing is right. AAARRRGGG.
* 9:14pm - Gave up on 36 and just tried numbers till I got it. The answer still doesn't make sense.
* 9:33pm - begin level 41
* 10:24pm I hate level 41
* 10:41pm - FINALLY! On to 42. And stuck. I hate this game.
* 10:59pm - Level 43! It's about TIME. 42 was so obvious, I never even saw it. Ach.
* 11:17pm - stuck on 44
* 11:25pm - Level 45 - NOOO! Not another MAZE!
* 11:36pm - Forget it. I give up. I'm going to bed.

* 11:14pm Jan 8 - FINALLY through level 45. Many attemps later and who knows how many binary conversion tools. ARG. (Yes, I DID go to work during this time! But much time was also spent on this dang maze)
*12:03pm - everyone says 46 is super easy. Arg! I'm stuck, and feeling stupid
* 12:11pm - got it! On to 47. I really should be sleeping
* 12:19pm - 47. Done. 48. Done. 49. Done. I've heard 50 is a doozy. Here goes.
* 1:10am - stupid obvious answer that I didn't get for an hour. DUH. Got Level 50 now.
*1:44am - how does someone make these things up? I mean, really! On to 52
* 2:38am - Level 54. Stupid shroud. Qwyzzle forums are down, too, so I can't get hints. ARG. It's probably a good thing, seeing as I have to work in the morning. @$#!$ life sucking game.
* 2:56am - Just got 54. HOW are you supposed to konw to do that??? OK. Bed tiem for real now.

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PresentStorm said...

ohhhh I think I will not click it ..I have a very bad habit of getting very addicted to games and getting lost in them for days maybe even weeks...Thanks for the warning

Happy New Year !!!

happyandblue2 said...

Exactly the reason I avoid games..

Lone Ranger said...

Thanks for the link. I'll show it to my boss in an effort to distract her. Rolling shiny quarters across the floor doesn't work anymore.

Paul said...

You owe me about 4 hours of sleep now Hillary.

karen said...

Ok I went and tried to play but I can't figure it out or what the object is! Help- I really want a new game to be addicted to !lol karen

Hillary said...

Karen, what level are you on? I'd be happy to help you get addicted... um, I mean learn how to play ;)

gigglechick said...

*insert evil cackle* ah yes... i am not alone.