Friday, January 06, 2006

Help me

I am in car buying hell.

I thought I had one last weekend. It was beautiful - a 98 Corolla. I put a deposit down, and he said he'd give it back if I wasn't happy with the mechanical inspection. I had second thoughts, it had high kilometers, I figured I could get a better deal. I agonized for a few days, then cancelled the deposit check and called him back to tell him there was no deal. Then I felt sleazy. Now I feel sleazy and realize that that was probably a fairly decent deal, and wish I could still buy the car.

I have spent nearly 7 hours (holy shneikey - that long???) tonight pouring over internet and classified ads, calling dealerships and private sellers, making lists and lists and lists of cars to go see, fighting a computer that has a hissy fit and "stops responding" every 5 minutes (no joke - it froze 7 times in an hour), and mapping out the locations of all these places so my dad and I can go see them tomorrow in somewhat of an efficient manner.

I think my head is going to explode.

And WHAT is with all the beige-tan-brown-puce-champagne Toyotas out there? Champagne??? That's just a fancy word for BLECH! NOT the colour for me, thank you very much.* But that's all there seems to be for sale. What's that? You're selling a 2000 Corolla with a measly 46 kilometers on it? Keyless entry, power everything, air conditionning AND cruise control? No accidents? Never let out of the heated garage? Only $1000? Great! I'll take it! Wait... what colour is it? ... Champagne? Oh... ok, no, that's ok, I'll keep looking.

Perhaps I'm being a little too picky.

But really, I'm going to go nutty if I have to do this rigamaroll again next weekend. Here's hoping for a great deal tomorrow!

=== UPDATED=== It is now 1:51 am. I have been car hunting for about 9.5 hours. I am going to bed.

* If you've got a beige-tan-brown-puce-champagne car and you like it, I'm glad. I'm just not a beige kinda gal. In case you hadn't noticed.


Paul said...

You could always buy a beige car and get it sprayed turquoise.

I don't know how much that would cost though, I've never bought a car, let alone got one resprayed.

You now owe me lots of sleep, but I'm on level 70.

Jay said...

good luck