Thursday, December 22, 2005


AfricaBleu tagged me with this meme a looong time ago (woohoo! My first tag ever! :D ) so here goes! (Hey, any excuse not to go to do housework is good for me, apparently! )


....I Want To Do Before I Die:
1.) Get married
2.) Have kids
3.) Take a Carribean Cruise
4.) Go on a missions trip
5.) Travel to at least three different continents
6.) Learn to use an SLR camera
7.) Act in a play

....Things I Cannot Do:
1.) Type the word "just." It ALWAYS comes out jsut
2.) Yodel. Though sometimes I try, much to the embarassment of those around me
3.) Get to bed before 11pm, apparently. Usually it's 12 or later. No wonder I'm always so stinkin' tired!
4.) A cartwheel anymore (boo hoo!)
5.) Drive a standard
6.) See more than six inches in front of my face without glasses/contacts
7.) See a baby without holding it. Well, a baby I know. Runing up and grabbing strangers' babies would jsut (see?) land me in jail.

....Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex:
1.) A sense of siliness
2.) Godliness
3.) Attentiveness
4.) Integrity
5.) Eyes + smile
6.) A warm personality
7.) It's totally plagarism, but I HAVE to go with what AfricaBleu said: "Chest and arms. I like that broad, strong section of chest which just begs for me to lay my head against, and then giant arms to wrap me up." mmmm... yummy

....Things I say most often:
2.) "I'm not going to continue until I have ALL eyes on me and mouths are zipped!" (aw, ain't teacher talk special???)
3.) Oh dear
4.) hee hee hee (in text or in real life!)
5.) I LOVE IT! (while clapping my hands together and grinning like a fool)
6.) ta ta ti-ti ta (*laughs and rolls eyes*)
7.) I get this one said TO me the most often: "How's that go again?" This usually after some crazy dance, sound effect, or action I do to accompany one of my many stories. Or after I say, "I LOVE IT!" clap my hands together and grin like a fool.

...Celebrity Crushes: (the few I can come up with were all from when I was little...)
1.) Raffi (I was SIX, ok!?!?!)
2.) Michael J Fox as Alex P. Keaton (inexplicable, really. )
3.) ummm...
4.) thinking...
5.) I know this is kinda cheating....
6.) but I honestly can't think of anyone...
7.) I've never been big on celebrity crushes! I must be a wacko!

... People I want to do this
1.) Cathy
2.) Brad
3.) Ann
4.) Paul
5.) Liisa (but she has to create a blog first! Go Liisa, go! Doowiiit!)
6.) Anyone else who'd like to do it!
7.) You!


happyandblue2 said...

You may want to change the order of the things you want to do. Kids kind of put a damper on world travel, ha,ha.
Not being able to yodel is a shame. If your real name is Heidi and you live in the Swiss Alps that is. Otherwise it's not a necessary life skill..

Hillary said...


ok, here's a disclaimer... these lists are in no particular order! ;)

carrie said...

I thought I was the only one with a crush on Alex P. I used to write him long letters in my diary. I don't really do celebratry crushes either. I don't think I've had one in years.