Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I want to be... an ACT-TOOOOR

6-8 plays in the last 2 years
being chosen as first star of the improv at my language school in 2001
the desire to try something different
a generally hammy personality

Mix together and let simmer, and voila! You'll get the crazy notion of enrolling in a community acting program.

I've been thinking about donig somehitng like this for a while. Acting just looks like so much fun! I never did drama in highschool, and I think it would be neat to try my hand at a little play or something. I wonder if there are any (low cost!)acting programs out there. Some people take a photography course (which I'd like to do, too), some people learn how to arrange flowers, I want to try my hand at the theatah, dahling. I sense a new year's resolution coming on...

Of course for now, all I can think about is the Jack McFarland Acting School. That scares me. :P

Just Jack!

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