Saturday, December 03, 2005

Random bits

W O U L D Y O U RA T H E R . . .
1) Pierce your nose or tongue: nose, definitely!
2) Be serious or be funny: overall, funny. But sometimes I think I could be a little more serious sometimes.
3) Drink whole or skim milk: skim

A R E Y O U . . .
4) Simple or complicated: both (how's that for a simple, yet complicated, answer!)
5) Flowers or angels: flowers
6) Grey or gray: grey
7) Color or black-and-white photos: colour for every day, B&W for artsy shots
8) Sunrise or sunset: sunrise
9) M&Ms or Skittles: M&Ms ... mmmm, peanuts
10) Rap or rock: rock
11) Staying up late or waking up early: LATE!
12) TV or radio: TV
13) Apples or oranges: oranges. Except in pie. I mean really, who ever heard of orange pie?

A N S W E R T R U T H F U L L Y . . .
14) Do you have a crush: about the biggest one ever (oops, not anymore. When I wrote this I did)
15) Who is it: he's got my blog addy, so I'm not gonna say. Hmm... hints... his cow is missing

D O Y O U P R E F E R . . .
16) Being hot or cold: hot
17) Tall or short people: what? Do I have to like one over the other?
18) Sun or moon: moon
19) Emeralds or rubies: emeralds
20) Left or right: left
21) Having ten acquaintances or one best friend?: best friend
22) Sun or rain: sun, but I love the sound of rain
23) Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream: vanilla

M I S C E L L A N E O U S . . .
24) Kids or no kids: want kinds, don't have them
25) Cat or dog: dog, but it's a close call
26) Half empty or half full: half full! :)
27) Mustard or ketchup: ketchup
28) Hardcover books or soft cover books: soft. They're cheaper, and lighter!
29) Newspaper or magazine?: magazine
30) Sandals or sneakers: me loves me Chacos! (sandals)
31) Wonder or amazement: wonder
32) Red car or white car: torn... so torn... red
33) Happy and poor or sad and rich: happy and poor!
34) Singing or dancing: singing

A B O U T Y O U . . .
35) What time is it: 9:15 pm
36) Number of siblings: 2
37) Birthdate: February 2
38) Height: Um, 5'7''? 5'8''?
39) Eye color: hazel
40) Hair color: brown
41) Piercing(s): one in each ear

W H A T D O Y O U W A N T . . .
42) How many kids do you want: 3 or 4

W H I C H I S B E T T E R . . .
43) Two doors or four (on a car): four
44) Coffee or ice cream: ice cream
45) Bridges or tunnels: tunnels (can you hold your breath???)

F A V O R I T E S . . .
46) Color of socks: black, or funsocks (like the ones with monkey pom poms that I'm wearing now!)
47) Food: mexican
48) Non-alcoholic drink: orange juice
49) Alcoholic drink: blue hawaiian (malibu rum, sprite, pineapple juice, and blue curacao - mmm!)

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