Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Summertime slacking

Well how's about that? Post every day, post every day, post every day, then BOOM! Nuttin'! For a week!

I'm even trying to think of what I've been up to... lots of random summer stuff, which is awesome! (Well, and having to go in for two days of my week off before summer school to finish packing up my classroom - not so awesome, but hey, it's done!) Beach, hikes, Playland (an amusement park here in Vancouver), chillin' with friends from near and far... I LOVE THE SUMMERTIME!

Summer school is underway, and I've got three sessions of cutie patootie rugrats. Kindergarten to grade three, we're all learning to become better readers and writers. Woot woot! As much as my entire body and soul revolt against actually getting up and going to work every morning, and every evening I lament the fact I can't spend all of the next day on the beach, I'm actually enjoying being there each day. This whole primary summer school thing is soooo much easier now that I've actually, I dunno, taught primary! I'm sure stories will be forthcoming!

In the meantime, I'm off!


RosieBoo said...

Summer just goes way too fast....couldn't it be as slow as it was when we were kids? :)

nachtwache said...

Yes, Playland, when our grandson is bigger, I'll have an excuse to go again. I used to go with our kids and we'd stay 'till closing.