Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Wow, that was messed. up.

I had a dream last night that I had a blind date, but I had to go to this dinner first, and it was a big ol' party. Two of the guests were Dooce and her husband, Jon. I was sitting beside Dooce, and was telling her that I wanted to buy some postcards to send to some friends. She told me she should give me one of her post cards, but I said no thank you, I already had some and had sent them to those friends, then she started rubbing my upper arm with her thumb and I was all, what the heck? It was kind of hurting, and she didn't stop. I thought she was pressuring me to take a postcard, so I told her about sending them, and the friend's reactions, etc. But then she licked her thumb and wiped it on the spot she was just rubbing, and then I realized that she was happy I had postcards already and was going to pour salt on my arm and do a tequila shot and it was her way of saying that I'm awesome! Ooookay. It was at this point that I told her I had a blind date that night, after the dinner, but that he was actually AT the dinner, too, over on the other side of the room with a bunch of guys who were watching Elvis videos. It was supposed to be Karaoke, but no-one was singing. So Dooce motioned to her husband to take me over there, and I was all, "No no no!" but he got up and literally dragged me (darn shoes with no grip!) over to my date, whose name was Fergus or something. We kinda laughed, cause we both knew we were there. Someone had been razzing him about going on a blind date, too. I watched Karaoke for a bit, then Jon (Dooce's husband) lent Fergus his car to go out on our date. I was upset cause we hadn't had dinner yet, and I wanted to still hang out with Dooce, but hello, awesome! We had BlurboDooce's car! We went on our date, but none of the date was in the dream except for arriving back at the restaurant two hours later, and seeing someone come out from the party apparently naked (no parts visible) but covered in yellow and orange body paint. Then Dooce came out and she had her face painted, and I was all, "Aw Darn!!! I missed the face painting party?!?!?!" I have no idea how the date went, and don't know if it was an "Aw darn" cause the date sucked and I missed a fun time out with Dooce or if it was an "Aw darn" cause really? Face painting with Dooce is awesome but oh well cause the date was great. I walked into the restaurant, and then I woke up, realizing that aw crap! I had wanted to be at school for my final packing day 45 minutes ago.


Off I go...

*UPDATED* Arriving here at school to pack up the last of my stuff, hand in the move over, and turn over my keys, I realized that I also dreamed last night there was a last minute class created for next year and that I got to keep my job.



Jean said...

Wow Hills...that's quite the dream!

sarah cool said...

okay, SERIOUSLY, weirdest dream EVER!!!! however - body shots with dooce - TOTALLY AWESOME! hahahaha!!!!

Melissa said...

Oh my gosh! LOL! Stressed much??? :D

(Fergus? -I don't think we have any of those in the U.S.)

anne said...

I'm just impressed that you remembered that much of your dream!!