Friday, February 29, 2008

Nuttin' much *updated!*

Ah, procrastination is a wonderful thing. What? Leave me alone, it's Friday afternoon, the kidlets are gone, I just went for a run and finished my lunch! And I have to let my brain settle before I start report cards (which are due today and I've barely started. Eek.)!

So it's official. February was a suckity month for blogging on my end. I blame LG, the company that made my shoddy monitor. I'm in a bit of a pickle now, cause on Wednesday morning I called them to find out where the heck my monitor was (no, not the one they shipped to Winnipeg, the one that sent me after that. Attempt number... what, 4? at getting a working monitor?). Turns out there was no record of that one, either, so they set up yet ANOTHER exchange. I got the email that it had shipped yesterday while I was at work. Hooray! Aaaand then when I got home I had a computer monitor waiting for me where I pick up my mail. Um. Turns out the one that went to Winnipeg made it to my house after all. Hehehe.... whoops! Sooooo... now I have another one coming, too. GAK! (I'll see which is the better one - I might be getting a new model instead of a repaired one - and just keep the better one! Ha!)

Watch, I'll plug in this new one and find out it was never the monitor after all, but a dying video card. Yipes.

But really... enough about that. That's boring.



OK, it's not that exciting, but I'm excited about it, so YAY ME! I decided a few months ago to train for the Vancouver Sun Run, which is a 10 km (6.2 miles) race that happens in April. I've never run 10k in my life and, er, I had become somewhat of a slug over the last six months. In ability and... shape. Ew. But I'm loving the training now and can't wait till my run days! Hehe, I'm such a nerd. I'm already looking past the 10k and wondering if maybe .... MAAAAYBEEEE I might - MIGHT - potentially train for a half marathon in the fall. ACK!!!! That is probably T-H-E craziest thing I have ever said IN! MY! LIFE! But I wanna do it, mostly because I've always thought I never could.

I kinda have this thing about doing things I never thought I could. I love proving myself wrong and challenging myself to new heights, blahbitty blahbitty blah. For example...

Climbing black tusk? Done.
Grouse Grind? Done.
Learning to dance? Done. (and doing!)
Boot camp? Done.
10k race? In progress.
Half marathon? AAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Anyway. That's the plan. I'm looking forward to it!

In other news, Thursday afternoon held one of the cutest things I've seen in a very long time at school - the grade one and two dance show! My class and the other grade one class and grade two class have been doing dance together every Thursday afternoon for about 6 weeks. Last week I taught them all a few dance moves like step slides and that crazy thing where you put your hands on your knees, open and close your knees, and cross and uncross your arms. This week we did a review of all the moves they'd learned and let them get into groups and make up their own dance. It was pretty much a gong show, but in the cute kind of way. Six and seven year olds - especially the boys! - aren't so great at organizing themselves, but they were having fun dancing to the music.

After about 10 minutes, we all had everyone sit down on the gym floor and each group got to perform their dance up on the stage. I played them one minute of the Macarena and they danced their little hearts out! The girls were all in little circles holding hands or in a little line copying each other and they boys were doing the crazy uncoordinated spins on their backs. One group had so much kicking and flailing that I honestly thought somebody was gonna get a kick in the face. There were no casualties, and the other teachers and I were just cracking up at how into it they all were. I'm a dumb dumb and didn't bring a camera, so we're going to do it again next week and video tape it so they can see themselves on TV! And cause it was so darn cute we want to see it again! Cause it's all about making them dance for our own entertainment! tee hee!

Oh gosh. It's nearly three o'clock! I guess I really should get something done in my classroom, hey? Dang report cards! I DON'T WANNA!


It's now 5:51 and I still haven't started reports. But wowiee, my class is the cleanest it's been in a loooong time! And really, it needed to be done. I haven't been able to see my desk or teacher table in weeks! Now I've actually got SPACE to work!

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

[PS. Please don't point out how pathetic it is that I'm at school at ten to six on a Friday night, and probably will be here till about 8. I know. It's baaaad. I blame report cards. And the messy eleves. And politicians (cause hey, EVERYTHING's their fault!).

Huh? What's that sound? You screaming at me to get to work? ok, OK OK!!!


sarah cool said...

yay for a hillary post!!!!!! i miss it when you don't blog! BIG SIGH OF RELIEF FOR YOUR MONITOR..........

love you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hillary--hmmm, your night sounds eerily familiar to my days when I used to study for exams...never a cleaner place than my dorm room in April or December!

Melissa said...

So? What happened with the monitor(s)?

Marathon? Piece of cake for you. No... I mean.. don't EAT a piece of cake.. well... actually, if you're going to be running a marathon you probably could. Heck you could just take the WHOLE darned cake! :)

Anonymous said...

It's awesome that you're working your way down your List. What an inspiration you are!

Melissa said...

"Ding Dong" ;)

I had to come back and add to this after katrinahopes' comment. That's actually a really good word for you Hillary. "Inspiration." You inspire me. That's why I read your blog. (I know... now I may have made you all self conscious... deal with it! Lol!)