Thursday, June 30, 2005

How did THAT switch happen???

Today was the last day of school! The kids finished yesterday (and I was not nearly as emotional as I was last year... I was almost crying saying good bye to the grade sevens last year! What can I say, it was my first year! :P ) and we had our staff breakfast this morning. It was sad to say goodbye to all the people who are leaving, including our amazingly wonderful vice principal who is moving on to another school.

Last year on the last day of school, I treated myself to a pedicure and a facial. This year, I took my car in to get a new muffler (said my mechanic to me: "Your entire exhaust system is rotten. It looks like swiss cheese.") and then climbed a freakin' mountain. I had planned on getting a massage. How'd that work?

On the bright side, I've always been somewhat intimidated (ok, really freaked out by) the Grouse Grind. All I knew was that it's called the GRIND for a reason. It's basically extremely steep stairs that go right up the face of Grouse Mountain. For those of you not from around here, the trail is 2.9 km long (1.8 miles) and has an elevation gain of 853 meters (2800 feet). It's been dubbed "Mother Nature's Stairmaster."

And yes, I know lots and lots of people have done it, and in waaaaay less time than me, but last Friday two other teachers from my school convinced me to try it with them (it was their first time, too) and so we did. And we lived to tell about it! We went really slow, and we promised we'd go together (no one wanted to be the one dying at the back!). We made it up in 1:58. Nothing for most people to be impressed at, but we were happy we did it.

Well, Tammi, one of the teachers, and I went again today (instead of the massage... I'm insane!) and we shaved THIRTY TWO minutes off our time! Ha ha... unfortunately we won't be able to continue that trend! :P (We also learned an important lesson: while it's important to have eaten something so you have energy to do the trail, you shouldn't eat, even a little bit, right before going up. - DUH, yes, I know) I had a stomach cramp almost the whole way up. BUT, I sure felt amazing when I got to the top!

Tammi wants to go every week this summer, and is trying to convince me to go with her. What have I gotten myself into??? :P

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