Friday, February 15, 2008

On a primary teacher's desk

- yellow squishy ball with a happy face
- hastily scrawled day plan for Monday
- broken popscicle stick with a student's name on it
- bag of mixed nuts to curb that pang of hunger late after school
- gold glitter glue
- a stack of notes from students over the past week
- 7 bits of confiscated lego
- pink plastic jem/"wishing stone"
- 4 plastic baskets
- growing stack of paper in the "I'll deal with it later" pile
- bumble bee pen
- message from a student's doctor to call him
- sheet of half used heart stickers
- jar of pencils
- stack of Scholastic order forms
- baby gift for a teacher about to go on mat leave
- bag of Valentine cards for a support worker who's been away
- stack of reading strategy cards to photocopy
- digestive cookies for a student who regularly comes to school without breakfast
- random strip of red cellophane
- magic wand
- three pennies
- a whistle
- my tired head wishing I could have a nap!


Melissa said...

This sounds a lot like my desk -and I'm not a teacher. What does this mean? ;)

Katrina said...

Your desk certainly tells a story! With all that other stuff on your desk, how did you find room for your head? LOL...

Jean said...

oooo digestive biscuits....i love those!! especially the chocolate and caramel covered ones! Mmmmmm

Anonymous said...

At least you HAVE a desk!! The Mama

Becca in Texas said...

The only things on your desk that matches tenth grade world history would be a cup of pencils and the stack of I'll deal with it later papers. I think I will add my head because a nap sounds good right now!