Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I was gonna write a more meaningful post today, but my monitor is (still) broken (again) and keeps blinding me in the face. It's making com - (arg! blinded!) - puter using extrememly frustrating, which is part of the reason I've not been out to visit y'all lately. My old one kept going black. I'd turn it off then on again, and it would work for precicely one second before it went black. Then I got a replacement (yay for warranties, I think) and the r - (arg! blinded!) - eplacement one goes totally white after thirty seconds or so. Longer if it's been off for a while, shorter if it's been on) Off, then on, then I've got 30 more seconds to do what I have to do. Thirty times the usage, but the flash of light, then dark, then light in my eyes twice a minute gives m - (arg! blinded!) - e headaches. Good thing I've got more computer work than EVER I have to get done soon - report cards, big power point presentation, handout booklet for a big unit for my class and two others... ugh! (arg! blinded!)

I DID actually call them and have them send my a third monitor, but they managed to ship it to somewhere - (arg! blinded!) - in Manitoba instead of to me. Good times. Apparently there's a NEW, not refurbished, different model on it's way and should be here supposedly sometime next week. Till then I'm stuck with this baby. (arg! blinded!)

Whine whine whine. And yes, I'd like some cheese with it. Mmmm. Cheese. I've kinda inadvertently stopped eating it - partly for health, partly cause I just need to go shopping. I miss it.

What? OK, craziest post ever. (arg! blinded!)

The good news? It's been clear and sunny for four days in a row, and I love it! I went out to Lighthouse Park with a friend on Sunday and wandered around - it was glorio - (arg! blinded!) - s.

ok, that's it. I've gotta get off this thing before I get another full day long headache. Have a happy day!

(choosing labels when, you guessed it - arg! blinded!)


Melissa said...

Oh no... :(

I shouldn't be laughing but I am. That was the funniest post! :D

Becca in Texas said...

It sounds like you need something to cheer you up. Head over to my place and check out a present I left you.

Katrina said...

How frustrating! I hate computer problems! If it weren't for my live-in Tech Support, I would have taken a blowtorch to mine long ago.

Melissa said...

Hiya :)

When I make my next post (today or tomorrow) this will get bumped off my first page, and I wanted to make sure you'd seen it. Because "you do" :)

The Shan said...

Oh! You ARE entertaining even if end the end it might give you siezures and migraines. I like to think you are willing to sacrifice these things for your readers. These thrown together techie items always seem to have shortcomings don't they? Harumph.

Melissa said...

In case you miss my reply to you in the "Alien/Disabled Plot" post on my blog ;)

"Settings" tab -> small "Comments" link -> scroll down to "Comment Form Message." :)

JR said...

Sweet Jesus you might have sent out a call for help or something... (sorry, didn't check your blog for a while as I was horribly busy). I have a spare monitor at home!


Alright alright, it's a supermassive CRT, but at least it works!

Hopefully you've gotten it resolved by now.