Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Smells like burning

Well I had about 16 different ideas for posts in my head as I came home tonight... another Rebirth instalment (or two or three), an update/recap of the Magical Monday of Grade One Christmas Wonderfulness (complete with photos), some general squeeing about Christmas, a rant, a peek into the psyche of Hillary (don't run away, there's a but coming!), and so on and so forth.

Buuuut, my new, fourteen and a half month old computer monitor (member this post? Good thing I have a blog, that's how I figured out when I bought the dang thing!) is extremely dim on the top half and smells like burning. I know this cause it's the same smell that my electric mixer made while I was mixing up 8 litres of cement icing for the gingerbread houses at 6 am on Monday morning. I knew the smoke wasn't a good sign. Anyone wanna give me a mixer for Christmas??? So anyhoo, I'm gonna shut'er off for now and rant and rave to the place I bought it (*cough* Future Shop *cough*) another time.

Good thing I have all those photos to edit. Good thing I have BEEN editing photos, upping the brightness and wondering why they seemed do dim on my monitor and so dull on the computer. I mean, that was happening with my OLD monitor.

Oh yeah. Smells like burning. Just got another whiff. Buh bye now.


Melissa said...

You probably can't read this with your current monitor situation and all ;) but if your monitor is past its warranty, you may still be able to get it fixed for free.

If you purchased it with a credit card, most (but not all) credit cards will double the warranty of any item you bought with them up to one year for no additional cost. So if it has a 3 month warranty, the credit card will extend it to 6 months. A one year warranty = 2 years. A 5 year warranty = 6 years (they usually only give you up to one year extra tops).

So if you have trouble with that (or anything else) and you used a credit card for your purchase, give the card's number a call and ask.

-Maybe this is Santa's way of giving you a new monitor for Christmas :)

Anne said...

Burning is no good at all!!

heather said...

oh dear. i hope gets resolved quickly...