Sunday, December 23, 2007

Um, wow!

I was at a Christmas dance last night (of course!) and having a great time, as always. It was nearing the end of the night and I was dancing with my friend Michael, being very apologetic because I always seem to be dancing with him near the end of the night when people are leaving. Our two previous dances that night had been punctuated with me yelling my goodbyes and Merry Christmases to people as they left - which was just kinda rude (I'm sorry, Michael!) and also resulted in me missing more than a few leads. We laughed about it - he's a sweetheart - and I promised him a dance where I would pay attention to, oh, I dunno, HIM for once! SO there I was concentrating, when another friend JR (hi JR - this post's for you! Ya better comment! ;)*updated: go you! Thanks!* ) came and waved a piece of paper at me.

(click to embiggen if you want to read it)

Huh? Whatever, it's the new Swing Dance Club brochure. Surely I could look at it later. I mean, it's lovely and all, and has lots of great info about West Coast Swing, and is distributed at dances of all kinds all over the lower mainland, but seriously? Now? Then - in between whips and passes - I took a closer look. HOLY SMOKES! What? Uh yeah, that's yours truly. ON THE FRONT COVER. Buah ha! Hilarious!


sarah cool said...

Ahhhhhh!!!! look at you, pretty girl!! That is so fun!

Melissa said...

Ok, that is hilarious! How do they not tell you they're going to use your photo?! Lol!

Very funny and neat surprise! Just think... out of all the photos they must have had, they picked YOU!!!!! :D

So does this mean you can now tell people you're a cover model?

JR (Plainswalker) said...

Hahaha, yeah. I was just leaving the dance with a few people and then someone commented that, "holy crap, is that Hillary?" I just HAD to run over while she was dancing and hand her the leaflet. She handed it back with a "What the heck? I'm dancing, dude!" look at her face. I had to point out the front page.

I guess that's a pretty good Christmas gift! :P

Jean said...

I KNEW you were famous! :)
Merry Christmas Hills!!

Jenn said...

woohoo - a star, baby! :)

have a great Christmas!

Katrina said...

You look terrific! (And can I just tell you that I love that you said "embiggen"!!! I have to use it in a sentence immediately!)