Friday, December 07, 2007

Apparently I like to eat pie

For the last two weeks, my grade one girls have begun to write... and write and write and write and write and write. They love it! They spend their centers time writing, they write oodles in their writing books, they write at home and bring it in to show me. "I just love to write!" they tell me. It is absolutely adorable!

One girl in particular, Annie (not her real name), writes me notes. Every morning she comes in with an envelope of something she has written at home. "Don't open it now!" she tells me. I ask her when I should open it. "At home!" she says, but invariably, by the end of the day, she caves and asks me to open her note.

Here are SOME of the notes she's written. Keep in mind that 18 out of 19 of my kids are ESL, and that she's six. I've kept spelling and grammar intact. I wish I could show the actual writing and the pictures, hearts, stars, and happy faces that go along with these notes, too. You'll just have to use your imaginations!

To Miss Hillary From Annie
You like To. eat Apple Pie
Yoe ur Nice and Neet
we like To make pie
pie is Good for you
Love Miss Hillary

To Miss Hillary From Annie
your a Nice teachandNeat
playful teach
Good teach is Nice
Youllke To drink Milk
and eat Apple pie
lovely Miss Hillary
you lik To eat pancakes
she like T make pie
I make my story for you

To Miss Hillary From Annie
you like egg and dklling Milk
you is Nice and you Like Appie pie.
and Apple Book and egg cake
Good Story

I Like to make Apple pie
a Apple. Book is Good For You
and Nice and Neet Amelia Bedelia
look the cloud and the sky
Imake my own story
Good Story [] yes

ToMissHillary FromHillary
you like To eat pie I make a pjr [picture] a pie

To Miss Hillary From Annie
your Nice and Neat teach
you like To eat Apple
and driking Millk
pancakes Book and walter the Baker book
Nice book Im write
Ilike pet is guinea pig and Hamster
is fairy pet love Miss Hillary
GoodWrite and Good write story

ToMissHillary From Annie
MissHillary like to eat Apple pie is Good For you
you like To drinking Millk

ToMissHillary From Annie
We like to Make pie
isGood FOR You

ToMissHillary From Annie
I like to make Apple pie To eat is Good
your nice teach and a Neat teach to
lovely Miss Hillary

All these notes are good for the heart but very, very bad for the will power. I'm picking up a pie on my way home tonight.


Melissa said...

Ok, would it be wrong for me to say that reading that just made the 5 year old part of me fall in love with the teacher part of you? ;)

Amelia Bedelia and her pies! I love that story. And I can still see all the pictures in my head too.

Stone soup is now coming to mind as well. Now I want stone soup and a bunch of pies for dinner!

niki d said...

Now I wish I had made an apple pie tonight and had milk to drink...very cute! Sounds like you're a very good and neat teacher ! ;) Which I'm sure you are :) Sounds like your kids love you-who wouldn't?
Enjoy your pie :)

Kaz said...

Mmmmmm pie.... it sounds like you are on a pie diet. She is cute. You are nice. I laughed out loud.

Homsar said...

If you're picking up some pie, don't forget the milk and the apples. Or maybe some egg cake :-) Kids are funny.