Thursday, June 14, 2007

Yes, I KNOW how lame this makes me

After I got home from work yesterday (past 8pm - MAN, I can't wait till report cards are done!!!), I checked my crackbook facebook account. Oh, yay! A new friend request. Who could it be, who could it be??? It's been so fun catching up with all kinds of people that I haven't seen in ages, so I was looking forward to the surprise.

And surprise is was!

Tessa Cunningham?!?! Requests to be friends with ME???

OK, yeah, yeah, so most likely none of you know who Tessa Cunningham is, so let me enlighten you. She and her... husband? partner? man-dude? live in Vancouver and are Canadian West Coast Swing champions. She's one of the biggest wigs in the Canadian swing dance scene. HO-LEE!

Now I KNOW that this was a generic add, as I had just joined a west coast swing group and I've never actually met her, but it still was totally fun. I mean, er, clearly my dancing reputation has travelled all the way to the Canadian champs. Yeah, that's it... HA!

Tessa and her partner, Myles Munroe, are around at swing events all the time and are really down to earth people, I'm told, so I'm looking forward to meeting them one day. For now I can pretend that I really DO know them.

She's on my facebook, I mean, come ON! ;)

See Myles and Tessa in action here and here.


Emily said...

You're practically famous by association! haha

karen said...

very. cool.