Friday, June 08, 2007

A glimpse into crazy

I'm sitting here in my classroom on a Friday afternoon, a HUGE HEAPING PILE of marking to do before I can even BEGIN reports. Woohoo.

Instead of whine (more) about it, I thought I'd share a few things that made me laugh this week. Beware, they're wacky! Hope they make you laugh, too! (Thanks, Abbey, for the first one!)

If only I could dance like HIM.

It all goes crazy when... Medusa? makes an appearance at about the 1 minute mark. If that combo creates a party like that, WHERE CAN I GET ME SOME???

"... it reportedly trampled at least one workstation and left behind clumps of fur." When you see the three red cars, keep your eye on the far window! Full story here.

This is me... back at 'er.


shawna said...

those videos are hilarious!!! i think u-tube might explain why you've got so much marking piling up though 8) its great procrastination! (i'm off to find some mr. rodgers videos on u-tube cuz me and some other canadians were trying to explain him to my fiance last nite-- aussies never got mr rodgers in the 80s

Hillary said...

hehe... this didn't actually take taht long to find. I saw them all either on news channels when logging into email or on other people's blogs.

Ah, Mister Rogers. I LOVED that show!

Melissa said...

"Medusa" made me LOL! I was watching and thinking "which one is she calling Medusa?" and then when he entered I completely and totally LOST it! LOL!

(I think those were dreds Hillary. -Really bad ones! Lol! ... hey there's a hairstyle we didn't consider for you ;) )

Abbey said...

LOOOVED the videos!

Esp. Kermit! I remember that one!!!

"Berries & Cream! Berries & Cream! I'm a little lad who loves Berries & Cream!"

Cracks me up Every Single Time!