Sunday, June 17, 2007

A little bit glamour, a little bit Red Green

Last weekend I bought dancing shoes. I figured that I've been dancing now for nearly 10 months, it's probably about time I bought proper shoes. I had done a little bit of looking around, and knew what I wanted: strappy, black, with a low-ish chunky heel. The heels were critical. I can't even stand in high heels, let alone walk, let alone dance! I kinda like my ankles. I prefer not to break them.

I found a store in town that had what I was looking for, and so when the right size came in, I scooped them up.

As soon as I got them home, I put them on. "Ooooh! Preeetty!" Not one to have really had strappy fancy shoes before (what is wrong with me?) I don't think I'd ever seen my feet look so pretty! *giggle*

It was perfect timing, as I was going to a dance on Saturday AND had my lesson and dance on Sunday. Sah-weet!

Off I went to the dance, a little wary of blisters, but I had worn them around the house during the day, and they felt great. And they were great. OH what a difference suede-bottomed shoes make to spinning. I could twirl and twirl and twirl! And I could slide! One of my favourite people to dance with, Chris, and I did a bunch of that, it was SO much fun! Side by side, arms around each other's shoulders, we'd step, step, run-run sssllliiiide, one foot out in front of the other, both of us totally laughing and having a ball. I mean, uhm, looking like serious professional dancers. Yeah.

That is, until about halfway through the evening, when that pain on my heels became unbearable. I was dancing with another friend - Dancin' Dave - and with the first step, I was wincing. He asked what was wrong, and I told him I had brutal blisters forming on my feet. He whisked me over to his magical dancing bag which he keeps stocked with protein shakes, bandaids, and a plethora of other random emergency supplies. "Yeah, I just have the small bag tonight," he told me as I marveled at the fact that he had come so well prepared. "In my other bag I've usually got a sewing kit and a few extra women's heels and tools to fix them, too." Dancin' Dave is a miracle man!

So, my bandaided feet all set and ready to go, I kept on dancing. And dancing. And dancing. But bandaids were just not gonna cut it. My shoes decided to munch up my feet pretty good that night. Munch munch munch! I'll spare you pictures of the holes they wore in the backs of my heels and across my toes. It's not pretty. And it hurt like FIRE.

I had to wear capri pants so the hem of my pants didn't touch the open blisters - like FIRE! FIRE, I tell you!!! - and I didn't wear closed-heeled shoes for a full week afterwards.

Tonight is my dancing lesson, and I need to be prepared. So off I went to London Drugs to pick up round two of foot care (round one were the bandaids and blister pads I tried for last Sunday's class that all just rolled off and caused even more pain on my mangled feet. I gave up on the dancing shoes half way through the lesson.). Round two - pad the shoes, not the heels. I bought these sticky foamy pad thingies that glue in to the back of the heels and supposedly keep your feet from slipping and prevent (more) blisters, and little gel strips that glue onto the underside of the straps. I have so much gunk glued into my shoes right now it's not even funny.

Why all the effort, you ask? Cause the shoes are PRETTY and they help me SPIN and darnit, I WANT PRETTY FEET when I'm dancing! (That, and the shoes were NOT cheap and are not returnable.)

There's the glamour. Black strappy shoes, red painted toes, spinning girl out on the dance floor. But where does the Red Green come in, you ask.

For those of you not familiar with Red Green, he's Canada's favourite handyman. (Click the link. It's great!) Some of his favourite sayings? "If the women don't find ya handsome, they should at least find ya handy." And, "If it ain't broke, fix it till it is!" Those of you who know Red Green know that he has a "secret weapon:" Duct tape!

And hoo boy, is that stuff good for everything. Including blistered feet. Blister pads roll off? No problem! Sick 'em on then cover 'em up with duct tape! Works like a charm. No way no how that duct tape is gonna slide off. Dancing tonight? No problem! I'm SET!

Update! (cause ya know... you really wanna hear MORE about my feet...) Holy smokes! Even the duct tape slid off eventually. But I could replace it and it lasted me another 4 or 5 dances. Score! I have small blisters accross my toes again (the gel bits under the straps rolled off as I was putting my shoes ON. Don't waste your money) but those are bearable. My heels are a little sore, but good. Yay!
OH! How I love dancing!


Jenn said...

lol - now I don't think I ever saw that particular one on Red Green, but it should have been! happy dancing :)

Jean said...

Very pretty shoes!!! And toenails! :)
Ahhh yes. Red Green. That show was a staple in our home every Saturday night when Ed and I were first married. Maybe that's why he loves Canadia. :)

Carrie said...

I love dancing so much! I wish I had the ability to take a dance class right now, with a partner who could spin me. No babysiter though. I have to let Latin Cardio suffice even though it is aerobics and not really a dance class.

Your poor feet!

sarah cool said...


Ouchie ouchie ouchie!!!!!!!

Man, shoes can really screw with a girl's feet. Guys are lucky. But I am proud of you for persevering on with the gorgeous shoes!!!!

EVENTUALLY, either the shoes will get comfortable and worn in, or all of the nerves in your heels will die, so they won't hurt any more!

Good luck!

Kaz said...

I am laughing. Sympathetically. Of course. Such nice shoes, and so you know... I would do the same. Darn stubborness!!! Crossing my fingers and toes that you get your calouses soon!

Anne said...

Duct tape. That is the funniest bit of the story. You are a stinkin' riot. :) But true, once you have callouses, you will be fine and dandy!!

Abbey said...

Eventually you will just wear your feet in just the right places and your strappy-dancin' shoes will work just perfect!

Pretty shoes ALWAYS have a break-in time period.

Oh what we do for fashion! : )

owensmomma said...

Pretty Shoes = Pretty Feet = Happy Woman

nachtwache said...

One of my mom's sayings:" Schoenheit muss leiden"; translation: "Beauty has to suffer" meaning, you have to suffer to look beautiful. That saying must have been around for a long time, when women wore tight corsets, lots of powder on the face, even wax!
Bound feet in China, Africa has all kinds of customs, neck rings, stretched earlobes, tattoos.
I've decided, comfort over beauty for me. Ich will nicht leiden! :)

Katrina said...

Oh, me! Why must beauty and pain always go hand in hand (or, in this case, "foot in shoe")? Oh, well--they look great on you! (And the duct tape adds a nice metallic accent, I think...)

Homsar said...

Yes, duck taping your feet really does help with blisters. I bring it on long hikes. After a day or two of hiking, my feet can get blistery. Duck tape is the only thing that will keep things from getting worse.

Anonymous said...

A bug on the floor would go crunch under those