Friday, June 22, 2007

Quick but oh so sincere

Oh MAN! I've been so busy that I haven't even had time to throw a big "WOOHOO" party on my blog. And there's a few good reasons for a WOOHOO party. I'm celebrating in my heart!

Numero uno: I'm finally finished the beasts that are my report cards. THAT deserves the biggest WOOHOO of them all. 6 teaching days till summer! WOO!! HOO!!

#2 - It's officially summer! Well, er, that was yesterday. I'm behind. Oh well.

Reason three: on Wednesday I got re-connected with an old friend, and met a super cool new one! :) More to come on that later. You know, when I have time.

partie quatre: I'm going camping this weekend for one of my best friend's staggettes! Yaaaay! And I just got new camping pots (which are better quality than my actual kitchen pots. I wish I was kidding.) The one thing that might take this off the woohoo list? It's supposed to rain all weekend! Eek!

Gotta go, I haven't even packed yet! YIKERS!


Anne said...

Oh, you and your bilingualness... :)

We have talked about camping this summer...we have a tent. That's something, right?!

nachtwache said...

I had to reread the post to find the foreign language you used, ah, numbers, italiano and francais.
Enjoy the stagette, hope you stay dry!!

Shelli said...

Ok...this is actually in response to your "duct tape on feet" incident.

I was in New York City...walking around Time Square in what I lovingly call my "hoochie boots". I looked freakin' hot! But...OH THE BURNING!!! FIRE FIRE FIRE IN MY SHOES! I too turned to duct tape.

I hobbled back to my hotel, wrapped my foot in duct tape (similar to gymnist tape wrapping) and off I went. That stuff works miracles I tell ya. MIRACLES!

sarah cool said...

I am really excited to hear about this camping weekend!