Monday, September 18, 2006

One word

As an icebreaker/get to know you ativity at young adults tonight, we were asked to tell the people at our table our name and one word to describe how we were feeling right then. Gah! Only one?

I decided I needed to settle on 'excited.' Excited about my class, excited about new possibilities, excited about life in general, I guess. With that excitement comes a type of fear, too. Maybe fear is not the best word for it... apprehension? questionning? wondering if or how I'll know how to do the right thing? But overall, the last few weeks have left me really really looking forward to what's coming next. And that's a fun place to be in.

Tricky, complex, testing out new waters, learning to relate in new ways, learning about myself, learning about others. Even among the late nights, paper overload, little sleep, and general insanity which has been my life for the last few weeks, life is good.


Trudy said...

thrilled, titillated, unqualified, vehement, vigorous, wacky, warm, wholehearted. No, this is not a proper topic sentence. Yes, it does offer you some excited-synonyms for future use.

3 cheers for life being good... hip hip hooray! hip hip hooray! hip hip hooray!

Beth said...

I'm "excited" for you that this great new direction in your career has been such a positive experience for you! I hope you continue to keep your excitement!

Katrina said...

It sounds like you are on the cusp of a very fulfilling school year!