Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Exhausted, embarassed, and enraged

Exhausted? Yep, that's me. It hit me like a brick wall tonight. I feel like I can't even move. Everything seems to be catching up with me right now. I think I've mentionned that I'm helping out with the Alpha Course at my church this term. Well, part of it is a one hour talk on video. You know, dark room, no moving, just listening... yeah, some leader *I* am - I couln't keep my eyes open. That makes two weeks in a row. Gah! I still heard everything, and (thankfully!) didn't do the head jerk thing, but still! What kind of example am I setting for people?!?! They're really good talks, too, it's not like they're the problem! This year will have me learning to like coffee yet. Heh, maybe I should stash some Red Bull in my purse for Wednesday nights! I really do need to get some better sleeping habits!

Embarassed? Check! On Saturday I went for a beautiful hike on Whistler mountain with some friends (a few pictures are here). Afterwards we headed back to town to get changed and to go hang out with our friend John who left yesterday for nine months of travelling through Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. The only snag in that plan was when I got back to my car. Uhhh... where are my keys? Not in the usual key pocket in my backpack... not in the main part of the bag... or in the front pocket... oh crap. That's right. I had pulled just the essentials, or so I had thought, out of my purse before the hike and put them in my backpack, leaving my purse locked in the trunk. Apparently I had neglected to think about transferring my keys out. Yeeeah. That's greeeeat. I hung out at my friend Brian's place (where my car was parked) while I waited for a tow truck to come and unlock my car. Thank goodness I opted for that little bit of roadside assistance last time I renewed my insurance! The tow truck guy took no more than 1.7 seconds to pop open my door (good to know Civics are so secure!) and I opened the trunk and grabbed my purse, reaching my hand into the frot pocket where I usually keep my keys...

No keys. Well, they must be in the main part. Nope, not there either. Ooo-kay, how about this pocket. Nu-uh. Huh. Where are my keys?

Oooooooh. Riiight. I was in a hurry to transfer my stuff before the hike, so I took my lip gloss - and my keys - and jammed them into the mesh side pocket of my backpack. You know, the one I had with me hiking? The one that was sitting back up in Brian's appartment? The one I had all along? Yeah, that one. Soooo, basically, I called a tow truck for nothing. That's super. Welcome to yet another chapter in the life of Hillary! Bwuah ha haaa!

So, the last thing... this enraged thing? Yeah. I am SO upset right now. I don't want to get into it here right now except to say that some bad stuff went down in my school district and we just learned the implications of it today. It SUCKS, and I'm super mad, but I have nowhere to direct my anger/frustration/disappointment/whatever. GAAR! Yes, I still have my job, it's not that. I'll get into it later. For now I have to sleeeep. My roomate just blurted out, "Ugh! Why does it hurt to be awake?!?" That pretty much sums things up for me, too.



happy and blue 2 said...

LOL on the keys thing.
Hope the enraged thing isn't too bad..

Paul said...

I've done far more embarrasing things than that. Fortunately nobody knows about half of them.

I do hope you can manage to find some sense of peace about the work situation, particularly when you're away from school.

Hillary said...

Paul - oh, trust me, so have I... so have I!