Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Two weeks from RIGHT NOW

I will be sitting in the airport, waiting to board my plane. HOLY SMOKES! When I put that little ticker up there I nearly had a heart attack, cause it was telling me 15 days. Surely I punched in the date wrong. But noooo! I have SOOOO much to do still, EEK!

Ok, I'm going to give you fair warning. I will be posting a whole bunch about my trip in the next two weeks (and will do as much posting as I can while I'm away, cause hey, that's kinda one of the points of a blog, now, isn't it!).

Anyway, I'm just sitting here squealing with glee cause I found out that the day I arrive in the Cinque Terra (5 tiny fishing villages on Italy's north west coast), there is a fireworks display! A spectacle of lights set off from the beach over the sea, says the website. Squeeee!


niki d said...

SQUEEEEE. I 'squeeee' for you! :)

Happy0303 said...

15 days? Oh my, where have I been? I can still remember the day when you announced your plans! I'm so excited for you!

Sandy's Space said...

I just viewed your blog. I have not read much but did see that you were going to Italy. Last year I spent 7 weeks by myself in Radda in Chianti. It was the most remarkable experience I have ever had. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me. I have enjoyed, so far, what I have read.