Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Thank you!

Yikes, this is a tad overdue.

I got my package from the candy swap! A big box-o-goodies arrived for me in the mail and I'm thouroughly enjoying the goodies! Thank you, Cherie, who sent me a pacacke of yummies made right in her home town - chocolate (a music note! So cute!), Holland mints (how appropriate, given my trip!), caramel licorice, among other things. Thanks so much!

Marla, your sweets are on their way!


happy and blue 2 said...

That is far to much for you to eat yourself, hint,hint..

Queen Bee said...

Glad it all arrived, unmelted! Hope you enjoy it all (most of my own stuff is GONE).


Happy0303 said...

It never even occured to me to post about what I received! I just gobbled them all up! LOL!

Buffy said...

Candy swaps? You actually HAVE candy you want to give away?

Who is this woman!