Sunday, July 02, 2006

O CanaD'oh!

Shoot! I missed it! It's officially no longer Canada Day. Happy Canada Day anyway!

I had a fabulous day today! It was officially the first day of summer holidays (last day of work was yesterday, yippeeeeee! Yeah yeah, I'm back at sumemr school on Tuesday, shhhh, let me have my moment!) and boy was it a quintissential summer day! The day started off with a BBQ down at Locarno Beach. Bocce, swimming, tanning, hanging out - we did it all. We then headed downtown to the False Creek/Yaletown area to catch some of the Jazz Festival, though whether what we were listening to was Jazz or not is debatable. Oh well, it was live music in the park near the water, so who cares! Then off we went to English Bay. We grabbed soem dinner and ate on the beach, then walked along the Stanley Park seawall to Siwash Rock and settled in to watch the Canada Day fireworks (we began to wonder if they were actually happening cause they got started so late!). We even had a little bonfire going. Of ocurse, then we had to walk allll the way back to Yaletown where our cars were - about a 5 or 6 km walk.

The day was fantastic! What a great way to celebrate Canada's 139th birthday and the start of summer! Yahoo!

Happy Canada Day!

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Beth said...

Your day sounds just like mine!