Friday, February 04, 2005

Yay for God!

The "After Christmas Crunch." We all know it. This month was looking reeeeally tight, thanks to the Christmas mastercard bill. I was doing my budget last week, and was somewhat alarmed that I was going to be short a very large chunk of money. Like a few hundred dollars short. I was thinking that I was going to have to use some of my summer savings money to make ends meet (you have to understand here that that money is sacred. I don't get paid in the summer, so I have that money to through the summer). BUT, today at work, another teacher gave me a receipt I had passed on to her before Christmas. Basically, I had bought something for her class and I hadn't yet been reimbursed for it. So that sparked my memory that I had a few other receipts that needed to be submitted (two from last year, when they didn't have money to cover it, and one from September). Also, I ordered a music resource in December, and when it came, it wasn't what I thought it was, but didn't know if I could return it. So I called today, and yes, I could. And I'm submitting receipts from two professional development workshops I went to that I'll be paid back for. PLUS, I got a cheque in the mail yesterday or the day before from my medical plan reimbursing me for my glasses...

I added all this stuff up today, and GUESS WHAT??? It's about $30 more than the amount that I was going to be short!!!

YAHOO for God providing just what I need at just the right time! He keeps doing that (one day I'll have to post my crazy story about what happened the first September I was out of school)! I really have no need to worry about money. He always provides a way.



Abi said...

I agree that God is good, all the time! I know he never has failed to astonish me. BTW thanks for the comment it made my day! (lame as that sounds)It's encouraging to know that other Christians are out there. What is your specialty in Education?

Cathy said...

I know that God sends us these challenges to send us a little reminder that he is all powerful and that he does care for each individual person on earth. I am so excited that everything has worked out for you. PRAISE GOD