Thursday, February 10, 2005

I love this city!

The sails at Canada Place
It's been beautiful all week! I was driving to work this morning and noticing the blue sky, the new snow on the mountains, the rising sun reflecting off the buildings downtown... Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Things like that just put me in the best mood! And, to top it all off, I had a great day at work. Kids were receptive, lessons worked, fun was had by all.

I've been doing some wandering around lately around Kitsilano and near Canada Place the last few weekends and have been taknig some pictures of this beautiful city. Sometimes I can't beleive I live here! There's really no place like home.

A lazy Saturday at Kits Beach

Enjoying a lazy Saturday at Kits Beach

English Bay and the West End

View of English Bay and the West End

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Anonymous said...

Hillary what a great webpage! You do live in a beautiful city... can't wait to see it! :-)