Friday, February 11, 2005

Grade 4 Vocabulary Activity

There ARE times when marking kid's work is fun...

Students had a list of words. They had to find the context the words were used in in the novel, look up the definition, and then use the word in a sentence. Here are some gems:

- My gully is over filling.

- All of the cops has a derringer to shoot and kill people. [Parent has crossed off "to shoot and kill people" and has written "protect." Funny they didn't catch the verb, though!]

- It's all legal to Sue a girl.
- I heard weed is not legal. (grade 4!!!)

ricochet: the dictionary said "the skipping or jumping motion of an objects as it goes accross a hard surface." No wonder some kids got confused...

- Ricocheting is the thing I do best.
- The cat ricochets accross the room.
- My pee ricocheted off of the toilet and on to the floor.
(Well, at lease he gets the meaning of the word!)

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Steve said...

kids say the darnest things!