Thursday, February 03, 2005

Procrastination and birthday tidbits

Why on earth can I not get anything done? I have stuff to mark, worksheets to prepare, all for tomorrow, and yet here I am! Bah! May as well make the most of my procrastination! Click the bold text to see pictures.

So I had one of those "warm fuzzy" moments on Wednesday (on WEDNESDAY?!?! you ask... "But I thought you hated Wednesdays!" Funny, I know! Normally I do, but this Wednesday was amazing!). After my grade 4's had come in and settled down, a bunch of them were wishing me happy birthday (I don't know how they knew!). They all started singing to me. They were all off key and singing at various different tempos, and it was wonderful! Then two girls have me a card. Cards from kids are the best!

Even my afternoon was great. The kindergartens were (relatively) calm, and the nasty grade 6 class was (relatively) good. I learned how to get one of the ringleaders to smarten up, and boy did it work. So the day on the whole was great!

AND, to top it all off, I got a copy of my "wish list" (about $300 worth of various instruments for the music program) in my box from the PAC, with a note telling me they'll cut me a cheque next week! YAAAAAY! It's like Christmas! Ummm.... or my birthday. Heh heh.

The fun continued at small group with yummy birthday cheesecake...

(Check out the stylin' sockies!)

... and a surprise gift. The chairs from my dining room table set are getting old. That's not an issue, really, except for the fact that twice now at small group someone has been sitting on them, and they've broken! I must be giving my friends complexes! Poor Steve was the lastest victim last week, so he got the idea to go out and get me new chairs. The one he found are incredibly like the ones that are slowly breaking. It's uncanny! Could they have been separated at birth?

Old Chair ^
New Chair ^
A few of us went out to Baru, a great Latino restaurant out near UBC, for drinks afterwards. Very funky.
My Birthday Margarita



Cathy said...

It sounds as though yu actually had a fun Wednesday as well as a fun birthday. Now that the world has heard about your day it is time to do the marking and the worksheets cause kids never forget when you said you will have things ready for them!! They are such unforgiving creatures.

Hillary said...

Yes mommy! ;)