Saturday, February 12, 2005

"Leapfrog," eat your heart out!

Speak & Spell

Ok, I must say, I miss my speak and spell! I loved that thing! Even after the raised buttons kinda broke and I had to push the button really hard and kinda wiggle my finger around for it to register. I distinctly remember learning how to spell "neighbour" on my speak and spell. How weird is that?

I ask you, where are the quality toys like that these days?

What was your favourite toy of the Eighties?


Abi said...

I LOVE Speak and Spell, I remember saving my allowance to get one! YAY for the 80's!

Abi said...

BTW I'm a TESOL Major

Cathy said...

I am back from the depths...and I had one of those spelling things but it didnt seem to help me very much...I am still a shocking speller!!!

Cathy said...

ps you should look at my blog

Hockey Jones said...

for a funny twist on speak and spell go to and listen to the audio clip called evil toy, the clips start playing automatically but may take a bit to get to evil toy. Anyways he does great stand up.

Paul said...

I had a 'speek and spel' too ;)

I preferred my 'George' though.