Monday, December 31, 2012

How to Pray

Here are a few ideas about how to pray for me.

  • Please pray for the Rendille people in Korr where we will be working, that God would be continuing to open people's hearts to the good news of Jesus Christ.  Pray, too, for Rendille believers to continue to be called to share the story of Jesus with others.

  • Please pray for Nick and Lynne, Jim and Laura, and other short term volunteers who are currently working in Korr, teaching, building, working on the completion of the Rendille New Testament, and a myriad of other tasks to advance God's blessing in Korr.

  • Please pray for me as I study, that I would have the mental energy to keep on top of a heavy course load and that God would direct the projects I choose to be the most relevant to the situation and work I will encounter in Kenya.  Pray, too, for adequate work and all the little preparatory details that are involved in getting ready to leave for Kenya.

  • Please pray that I would continue to encounter God not just through my studies but in a very real and personal way, and that I would continue to grow in my faith.

  • Please pray for the development of my support team, that God would raise people who will provide both the prayer and financial the resources needed for my time in Kenya.

  • Please pray for my relationship with Kevin and the girls as we enjoy our engagement and look to plan a few wedding details, that we continue to grow together and towards Christ and have quality time together, learning about each other and planning our future.

Also, please let me know how to pray for you, too!  Just send me an email at hello_hillary (at) yahoo (dot) ca - I'd love to hear from you and know how I might pray for you!

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