Monday, December 31, 2012

Join My Team!

Partnering in any way- in friendship, in prayer, or in finances - is an essential part of my ministry. I am so excited to build a team that together will work towards extending the blessing of God to people it is only just beginning to reach!  My financial team is an essential part of this ministry, not just because these people will provide the funds, but because they are an integral part of what God is doing in the Rendille people.

The Details

I am required to raise just shy of $20,000 for the year.  The details of this budget are listed below.  I will need I need to have 100% of my support in place (through gifts or pledges) by April 15, 2014. 

Orientation and Training - 3%      Pre-field Expenses - 3%     
Ambrose internship* - 5%     Administration* - 9%     
Medical insurance - 14%     Travel and visas - 21%
Living expenses and ministry - 45%

This budget is preliminary and subject to change somewhat in the months leading up to departure, however, this figure gives a good target to start with, and shouldn’t change drastically.

I am thrilled to say that I am more than fully funded! Thank you to all who gave and are giving - may God bless your generosity greatly!

If you feel God leading you to join me in this way, there are three main ways to partner with me:
(1) Direct Deposit for monthly contributions

Fill out a pre-authorized debit agreement (download the document by clicking here) and mail it to the address below.  Or, go online (in Canada) to Choose “Give” then “Automatic Contributions” and follow the steps.

* If you are outside of Canada, see below for details
(2) Cheque for both monthly and one-time contributions

Make cheques payable to Africa Inland Mission.  Please enclose a separate note stating the contribution is for me - do not write my name anywhere on the cheque.  Cheques can be mailed to the address below.  Post-dated cheques for monthly giving are also accepted.  Cheques received before departure are recorded but not deposited until all clearances are given one month before my departure.  If your cheque isn’t cashed right away, don’t worry!

* If you are outside of Canada, see below for details

(3) Online Giving for both monthly and one-time contributions

Go to and choose “Give” then “Online giving.”  You can enter my name under “Specific Missionary” and choose whether you’d like to make a one-time or monthly contribution.

* If you are outside of Canada, see below for details


If you would like to join with me financially, you can send donations to the addresses below or donate online.  All donations in Canada and the USA are tax deductible.   

In Canada:

Africa Inland Mission Int'l (Canada)
1641 Victoria Park Ave
Scarborough ON
M1R 1P8

Canadian Online Donations:

In the USA:
*** Please very clearly indicate that the donation is for me, and that I am a CANADIAN member of AIM ***

Africa Inland Mission USA
P.O. Box 3611
Peachtree City, GA 30269-7611

US Online Donations:

In countries other than Canada or the USA:

Go to and choose the region that best represents you.   

*** Should you contribute in any region other than in Canada, please very clearly indicate that the donation is for me, and that I am a CANADIAN member of AIM.***

Many, many thanks!
* Ambrose internship - The final piece of my MA in intercultural ministries from Ambrose Seminary is an internship.  This will be fulfilled by my time in Kenya, though there are some Ambrose-specific costs associated.  If you would like to contribute to the internship portion (approx. $1000), please contact me.  These gifts, too, are eligible for tax receipts.

* A word about administration - Administration costs cover the expenses related to having people in the offices in Canada and Kenya who take care of critical parts of my work like financial details, communication, assistance with immigration documents, safety planning, and receiving and receipting financial support.

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