Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Good News/Bad News

Remember those good news/bad news stories? Here's mine:

It was early January, and my last night in Vancouver before heading back to Calgary after the Christmas holiday...

Good News: Went snowshoeing with Trudy on Sunday

Bad News: Now my foot really really hurts

Good News: Yay medical

Bad News: No internet at my brother's apartment where I've been staying the last few days.

Good News: Lots of cafes around, including ones whose wifi still works when they're closed late at night from my car parked outside

Bad news: Thought I'd done everything I needed to do online but realized as I was packing at 2am that I forgot one thing I needed.

Good News: I'll just drive back down the street 8-10 blocks to look it up. [I can tell the truth now - I was TOTALLY DYING to see if I had gotten a reply from Kevin. We hadn't met yet, but had been emailing back and forth for about a week...]

Bad News: Ended up with some emails and other things to deal with so I was there longer than I thought I'd be.

Good news: I had had a coffee later in the eve so wasn't really tired

Bad news: There's no 'your lights are on, dummy' buzzer in the car I'm using, so the battery drained and the car was dead (it went fast!)

Good news: It's the middle of the night, so not a big deal I'm parked in a handicapped spot and can leave it there while I walk back up to the apartment

Bad news: Remember I said my foot really hurts?

Good news: I just had a little bit left to do to pack and clean up so I finished up and called a cab to take me back down to the car and give it a jump. It's now 4:30am.

Bad news: Cabbie charges $20 for a jump so, despite the fact I'd tried it a dozen times already, I decided to try the car one more time

Good news: It STARTS!

Bad news: No sleep for me, off to the airport.

Good news: I'll have lots of time to read/sleep/do homework

Bad news: I realize all those extra hours will have to be paid for in the parking lot.

Good news: There's a Starbucks open nearby so I'll read/work there for a bit

Bad news: That coffee made my stomach really hurt!

Good news: Time to head to the airport, I've still got lots of time

Bad news: In all the chaos, I forgot I had my swiss army knife in my purse, so get called back out of security

Good news: There's a post office downstairs where I can mail it to myself for three bucks

Bad news: I'm getting rather grouchy. I've had no sleep, my foot hurts with every step, I have a case of coffee belly

Good news: No more issues as I go through security a second time.

Bad news: Let's hope there is no more bad news! (except that I made you read this long rambly thing!)

Good news: My very own bed, here I come!

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