Monday, December 31, 2012

About Me

Here's a sometimes-serious, sometimes-silly snapshot of my crazy self!

  1. I love Jesus, and am seeking to live my life in a way consistent to his call on my life to help bring the good news of Jesus Christ to people who have, through no fault of their own, never had the chance to hear it.

  2. I love the people in my life - my family and my friends are such a gift to me - I am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life!  I know they're behind me, I know they have my back, and I know who to go to (or who will come to me) if I need a good swift kick in the butt.  That's a gift, believe you me!  I'm thankful for people to laugh with and people to do life with; people to love and who love me.  And speaking of people to love...

  3. I love my funny, handsome, Jesus-loving, geo-chache finding, smart, loving and all around amazing finace Kevin, and his equally amazing daughters, Tori and Sydney.  I can't wait to be this the wife of my love and a step-mom to such fabulous girls!

  4. I love the West Coast.  I was born and raised in Vancouver, BC.  I love the ocean and the west coast forest - the green-ness and lush-ness of the West Coast rainforest and the salty ocean air bring refreshment to my soul!

  5. I pretty much just love water.  If there's water, I need to go in it, at least my toes.  My friends all thing I'm crazy, but I have dipped my toes into a river with ice on it and jumped in Great Slave Lake in Yellowknife when it was about 5 degrees out.  I have also snorkeled in the Indian Ocean, so ya know, I'm an equal-opportunity water lover!

  6. I love kids.  Especially kids who are struggling in school.  I taught in Vancouver for nine years, and found my greatest joy with my most "difficult" students, in building trust and helping them gain confidence in themselves as people, as well as helping them progress academically.

  7. I love chocolate! Fine chocolate is always delicious and delightful, but I'll be happy with any ol' cocoa bean confection!  Yummmmm!  I also I love coffee.  Again. Not picky.  I am unashamedly a full on caffeiene addict.

  8. I love the mountains.  Hiking, snowshoeing, photographing, and just generally standing in awe of them.  I now live in Calgary, Alberta, about a forty-five minute drive from the Rockies.  Lucky me!

  9. I love Africa.  I love the colours and the music, the land and the animals, but most of all I love the people.  I love what Africans have to teach us, and what I've learned from living there.  I love how it's changed me, and how it is changing, too.  I long to see Jesus embraced in an African way among African people, and for healing and restoration to come to this continent.  But I also love how brokenness isn't the only story in Africa - joy and hope and healing and creativity and love and wisdom and beauty are present at every turn, and I want to tell those stories!

  10. I love adventure, and this life is full of it.  From a backpacking trip in the mountains to a kayaking trip on the ocean; a land rover ride across the desert in Northern Kenya or an evening of watching the Northern Lights dance across the sky in the North West Territories; from the big adventures like travel or the little ones like making it up my driveway in a snowstorm... or the constant and ultimate adventure that is a life lived in abandon for Jesus (and hoo boy do I have some work to do in that area!), adventure is everywhere if you look for it.  Sometimes it lifts you up, sometimes it knocks you down, but never does it leave you the same as you once were.

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