Sunday, August 10, 2008

From the recesses of my apparently dirty mind

Hello there! I *am* still alive, and I have all kinds of stories from the last ten days of my life (hooray for holidays!) but I thought I'd share this spectacular little gem first. Even better than river farting, people. Eeeeeven better.

So. I had my friend Peter over to watch a movie last night and managed to spectacularly embarrass myself.

Scene: Two guys out in the wilderness arguing over what to do: Dude 1 tells dude 2 that he's going to disappear into the woods, and that Dude 2 should just go back to Dude 1's wife and tell her her hubby is lost in the woods.

Dude 2: Do what you want! Go out into the wilderness! Fine. Become one with nature. Go hump a sasquatch. Whatever. But I'm not going to lie for you.

Me: Go hump a sasquatch?!?! Really? Cause that's not exactly the logical progression that *I* would think of. Become one with nature. Next step? HUMP A SASQUATCH.

Peter: Umm... I think he said "hunt."

Me: Ah. Well that would make more sense, now, wouldn't it?
*hides head under pillow*


Jean said...


Katrina said...

Heehee! Well, it's not that far off the mental path that usually follows the phrase "become one", right?

Shan said...

Hillary! These last two posts? Oh the chuckling I just did in your direction. Humping and River farting: Two things we're glad Hillary wasn't literally doing in the name of summer fun. BAHHA! :D You're so crazy!!

anne said...

You're so ridiculous... With boys you never know though, right?! :)

Kaz said...


nachtwache said...

Thanks for the laugh! :D

sarah cool said...


horseman said...

That was fresh!