Thursday, October 18, 2007


When you don't train, and then you run a marathon, you're gonna hurt. Or even a half marathon. I have a friend who's stubborn as anything - I love him for it - and he signed up for a half marathon that happened two weeks ago. He didn't end up training for it at all, really. Now me? I would have just bailed. (So good to know I hold to my commitments, eh?) But not him. He took a plane over to Victoria and ran the dang thing anyway. Under his goal time. And beat every one of his friends who did the race.

And then couldn't walk for nearly a week afterwards.

So I'm gonna use him for inspiration. But not for a half marathon. Heck no, that's crazy talk. Seriously. I would die. Colapsed-on-the-pavement-never-to-be-seen-again kinda die. Instead I'm talking about something much nerdier. And I'm ok with that.

It's NaBloPoMo time again, folks. National Blog Posting Month. For the month of November, I will post every single day. Why? Well I ask you, why not? I did it last year, and while it made me go slightly insane, I did finished! Whether doing it now and acutally KNOWING what I'm getting myself into is crazier than just signing up blind is yet to be seen.

But I'm stubborn like that.

Who else is with me? Click the badge for more information and sign yerself all up now, ya hear?


nachtwache said...

Post every day in November? OK, I'll give it a try. It wouldn't have to be a long post, short ones will do too, right? Right.
eeek, you should see the word verification "word", ikdkyxqg. I'll type the dumb thing exactly as it shows and over half the time I have to redo it. Grrrrr.
See? It just happened again,now it's "ctlwtbgn"

Anne said...

I already added my badge. :)

Emily said...

Hmmm....well I'm thinking about it, but I dont wanna set myself up for failure. I'm lucky to blog once a week!