Monday, October 29, 2007


It's coming! National Blog Posting Month! Where all kinda of crazies - ummm... I mean bloggers - take up the challenge to post every day for the whole month of November. Seriously, I keep worrying I'm gonna forget to post on the very first day and then be "out." Somebody remind me or something! hehe!


I'd love to know which of you are doing it (all of you! you should ALL do it!). I already know about Anne and Jenn, but what of the rest of you? So if you've signed up already, please let me know via the comments and we can give eachother moral support (aka comments! Those are really what kept me going last year!). And if you haven't... what are you still here for? Go sign up!


Melissa said...

Ok, I'll fess up that I've been *thinking* about writing for NaBloPoMo BUT....

Here's the thing... Lots of people keep telling me to set up a blog. I did. Kind of. And I've been writing... kind of ;) The thing is, I've *written* but I haven't been POSTING what I've written! Lol!

I've been thinking maybe I should do NaBloPoMo just to DO it and go all out and get over this hump.

Carrie said...

Does it count when you post every day anyway? Maybe I am too much of a blog addict.

nachtwache said...

Congrats on the successful turkey dinner et al.
I checked out the NaBloPoMo site, couldn't figure out how to get the label onto my site :( dumdididumdum. I seem to have a fear of commitment as well, but I'll try to post every day. Maybe I'll give it another go today or ask Walker for help, he's helped me before, did a great job too. I'll leave comments on yours for sure :)

nachtwache said...

Awww, I looked at NaBlo's sign up thingy, I don't give my name on any sites, I'm way to busy to start "meeting" more people, I'll just post, comment on your blog and leave it at that. :)

Anne said...

I call firsties!! I totally posted before you!!

Course, it's not tomorrow for you just yet. But I still win. :)

Abbey said...

I'm doing it, too!

Hope I make it this time. I normally screw up around the middle of the month.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

: )