Sunday, October 14, 2007

Graceful like an ox

I got to the dance a little late tonight, but as soon as I got there I saw a group of friends from my church who had come along to try out some west coast swing. Two had done it before, but the rest of them had never done it, so they came early for the lesson. Which, whoops, wasn't west coast swing, but rather nightclub two step, a very graceful, dance, done to slower music. Step-step gllliiiide, step-step gllliiiide. (The description not doin' it for you? Try this. And don't be scared by the cowboy hats - it's not a country dance!) I've picked up the basic step and a few moves jsut from dancing it when they throw them in there in the west coast swing rotation, and I really like it.

Friends: Yeah, it wasn't even a swing lesson, it was night clup two step.
Me: Oh no! But oooh, I love that dance, it's so elegant, so smooth!
Friends: yeah, it looks really pretty.
Me: It is!
Now, you have to know me - I very frequently act out what I say. So I begin to do the basic step as I talk: Step-step gllliiide, step-step.... CRASH!

As I smoothly, gracefully, elegantly glliiiiided backwards, I TOTALLY body checked some poor woman walking to her seat.

Good thing I have reflexes like a cat! I was able to grab her arm to steady her and keep her from falling.

Though in doing that, I miiiight have then stepped on her foot.


nachtwache said...

Sounds like something I've done before, more than once :\ Why are people behind us not watching where we are going? :)

Rachelle said...

love it! glad to see you're as graceful around others as you are around me (and I around you...)!

Melissa said...

And umm... the first part of your email address is what? ;) :)

Hillary said...

Buah HA! Melissa! You crack me up!

(it's bygrace, for those of you who are confused!)