Sunday, October 14, 2007

Swifty I'm not

I seem to be on a roll here...

Today after church I planned on driving down to Stanley Park to go for a walk and to take some pictures of the fall leaves... just a lazy afternoon in the park enjoying the sunshine. I had grabbed my camera bag, a jacket, and a pair of runners before I left for church, and I was all ready to go. I drove from church across the city towards the park.

As I neared Stanley Park, driving along English Bay, there were people walking, biking, and rollerblading along the seawall, countless sailboats out in the water, golden leaves drifting down in the breeze. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I love this time of year.

I rounded the corner, and a large red and white sail caught my eye. There was a viking ship out in the water!! You know - brown boat, curled up at the front and back, with a tall sail in the middle, vertical bands of red and white billowing out as the wind caught it... And people in the boat rowing! Definitely a photo opportunity.

As I was stopped at a red light, I dug around in the backseat for my camera bag, thinking that if I couldn't find parking right away, I could snap on my zoom lens and take a shot or two at the next light. So I hauled my bag into the front seat and unzipped it... only to find my camera was not there.

I was using it last night, and neglected to think that, "Uh, you have to put it back in the BAG if you want to actually take any pictures, Hillary!"

So now I'm home, back across the city again - albeit with a free and healthier lunch than I would have had otherwise - and debating if I really want to drive all the way down there again, to capture the natural beauty that I'm destroying by gallivanting all over creation in my car.


Surely google's got some good pictures that'll do me? Bah! Sooo not the point.


heather said...

Hi Hillary! So glad you commented on my blog with your address. I actually used to read your blog a while back (I got it from some other blog - though it's funny and interesting that you're friends with Jean and Anne now - I live in the same city as they do!). Anywho... I'm glad to find my way back to your blog. I loved your comment about debating about driving all the way back to the park to enjoy the natural beauty that you're "destroying by gallivanting all over creation in [your] car." Did you go back?

Melissa said...

I hope you see this all the way back here, but I just checked out your pictures from this day and they are GORGEOUS! I downloaded a couple to use as my desktop :)