Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Just thought I'd share some of my favourite pictures of my mom with you!

Now that I'm older, I'm getting to appreciate my mom more and more. I'm enjoying becoming friends with her, too, not just bein' the bratty kid. (Well, I'm sure I'm still bratty sometimes! Hopefully just in the playful way! *grin* ) She's been a great example for me, and I am SO thankful for her. I hope that when I have kids one day, I can be as great a mom to them as she has been - and continues to be - to me!

Mom and I went kayaking in and around Bowen Island.
The matching hats? Purely coincidence! Go Canadia!

A few years ago, mom took up rowing. This is SUCH a fantastic picture of her!
I hope I'm that much of a hottie when I'm her age... which is, of course, 39!
(hehehe... mom, is this where the "still bratty" kicks in???)

Love you gazillions, mom!
~From your "Hillary Duck"


PelaLusa said...

Happy Mother's Day Greetings to your mom, Hillary! I took mine out for brunch at the GI Hotel - always a nice a spread.

And while waiting for her to come back from the buffet, I thought up an idea for a new business: A quick & effortless way for a person to publish any combination of photos, images, sounds, etc. to the Internet - either for themselves to access, to let a select group of friends access, or to let the general public access.

Just have to get Pocket Pollster selling first!!


Anne said...

Such cute pictures! :)

Rainypete said...

I am also lucky enough to have a great Mom and ave to agree with your statement that you appreciate them more as you grow up. I value my Mother more now than I ever did.
I hope she had a wonderful Mother's Day.

Hillary said...

hehe, Pelalusa, isn't that called a blog???

nachtwache said...

He's probably thinking of computer illiterates like me, that would like a idiot proof way to do it. I could claim age, but I know a lady in her 80's, that is very computer savy, so I guess I'm just not interested enough (or too lazy), too learn it. I like Pelalusa's idea.
Your mom looks sooo young, in the photo with the baby. Is that baby you?

Hillary said...

Yeppers, that's me in both pictures. Newly born (complete with squinty pirate eye!) and what, maybe a few months old?