Friday, October 06, 2006

It doesn't take much

I didn't say anything until about half an hour till home time today. But there were clues. Oh, sweet clues that only I knew about, building them up, teasing them, all without them knowing what was going on... How I love messing with my kiddos! Hee hee hee!

As I said yesterday, I got two glowing reports from my substitutes from the last two days, and I was SO proud of my kids for being so well behaved. I decided that I would give them some popcorn and read a chapter or two from the book I am reading to them. It would be a great way to end the week - they've had a lot of work to do this week - and head off into the long weekend, plus, they'll be far more likely to be well behaved for a TOC the next time!

In the morning, I told the kids that we had to talk about the note the TOCs left for me, and that's what we would be doing in the blank spot on the "shape of the day" at the end of the day.

At recess, I popped four bags of popcorn in the staffroom, and right after recess I took my kids down to the library for book exchange. I took a slightly different route, being sure to parade them past the staffroom so they could get the full effect of the popcorn smell wafting through the hallways.

I asked, "Oooh, do you smell that popcorn??? It's making me HUNGRY!" I made sure every kid noticed it (how could they NOT?).

We got our books at the library, did our end-of-the-week jobs, and got all ready to go home. Then, with about 30 minutes to spare - the kids all sitting in their desks ,eyes on me, tables clear, I told them, in a very stern voice, "We need to talk about these two notes the guest teachers left for me. I think I need to read them to you."

They looked terrified! Ha! It was great!

I proceeded to read the notes, which included phrases like, "an exceptional class," "very well behaved," "no problems at all," "a lovely group." They started to get the idea. I had to wink at a few who were still confused. I then made the biggest hoopla about it...

"I am SO! PROUD! OF! YOU! These are the kind of notes teachers only DREAM about!" I said, placing the back of my hand on my forehead and flinging my head back. "WAY! TO! GO!" and so on and so forth...

I told them to wait right there, and I'd be back... I arrived back with my arms loaded up with four bags of popcorn and announced, "Remember that popcorn? It's for YOU!" Everyone erupted into cheers! Yaaay! So fun!

We dished out, found seats with friends, and I read them a chapter or two of our book while they chowed down. What a great way to end the week!

(I sure hope they don't expect this every time I have a sub! Hee hee!)


happy and blue 2 said...

If I had you as a teacher I probably wouldn't have disliked school as much..
Have a great long weekend..

Anonymous said...

You rock! Can I be a grade fiver in your class?
Actaully you remind me of my son's first grade teacher. It was her first class, she was young and green and just about the sweetest teacher I have ever known. She adored those kids. She got them excited about reading. She loved her job but some days she looked so tired and about ready to cry. I loved her for it because I knew the sacrifices were being made for my son.
She is still teaching grade one five years later. She has the enitre elementary on a reading program that she created. She has much more confidence and she is doing fabulous. Hang in there and Happy Thanksgiving. :)