Friday, October 06, 2006

I'm such a party animal

Friday night - time to party! I've done well the last two weeks, I must say.

Last week: three loads of laundry and some Indian take-out with my roommate Trudy (who is no longer my roommate - boohoo! She's moved onwards and upwards to her own place now, yay for her, wah for me!).

This week: Marking math tests and two weeks of spelling tests in front of some mediocre TV, reading some blogs, and falling into bed by 10:45.

I can't even contain my excitement about what may transpire NEXT Friday night. Perhaps I'll watch some paint dry! Yesss!

Oh MAN! I think this makes me officially OLD! :P


happy and blue 2 said...

I don't think women become officially old until they own at least a dozen cats..

Hillary said...

HA! H&B, you crack me up! I do'pnt even have one cat, so I guess I'm ok, then!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm like you. I'm officially in my second year of being a new teacher. I have a completely different course load (grade 12's) but so far so good. I toally know how you feel...but remember to always take time for yourself and have fun with it! You're doing a great job!


Jenn said...

oooh - Indian takeout and staying up until 10:45??!! That beats my Chinese takeout and afternoon napping excitement, I think. :P

Careful, there, wild girl watch out for too many paint fumes!