Monday, May 29, 2006

Why I do what I do

One of the grade three teachers at my school gave her kids the assignment of writing a letter. It could be to anyone, about anything. Lots of kids wrote about their week, what they do at school, etc. Well, the teacher showed me a few of these letters. One in particular caught my eye because it contained my name. Here's what I read (click the picture for a larger view):

And on Wednesday we went to music. Our music Teacher was Mrs. ____.* We always get to play on the xlyophone. Thats why I like music class so much. Also I feel bit dizzy when I go to music because I am so excited to go. The xlyophone I like going is the metallic xylophone. I like it because it is just like a clock that does dinnnnggggggg! And another thing I like about it is the colour silver. It reminds me of my mom keeping a silver necklace in her small pocket. Also I feel confused when I say "I'm B and he says I'm B".** The thing I like the most is the mallets. Mallets are stick with a white ball on top stuck to it. And I like it because when I scratch it, it itches me. And when I feel it it is soft and ab it smooth.
Awww! He's dizzy with excitement when he comes to my class! But I think maybe he needs a review on what the mallets are used for!

Gotta love them kidlets!
* Nope, I'm not suddenly a "Mrs." Miss, Ms, Mrs... it's all the same to the kids! Just wanting to clarify! ;-)
** We don't have enough xylophones for everyone, so I get the kids to pair up and decide who's A and who's B. Then I choose partner A or B to start off on the instruments while the other one waits their turn


s.k.namanny said...

I also teach music,

and spent two years in Quebec (thereby falling in love with the rest of Canada as well),

but really I enjoy your blog on its own merits.



rhonda said...

Too cute :)

AfricaBleu said...

That is precious, Hillary. Teachers are the unsung heroes of the world...

I think I shall write a sonnet about you all.

Jenn said...

That is adorable! Gotta be the kind of thing that makes heading into work every day (at least for the rest of the year!) a little easier, eh?