Friday, May 19, 2006

I saw you... *updated*

That "I saw you" section of the classifieds has always creeped me out intrigued me. Some dude sees a pretty girl on the bus, they make eye contact or share a flirty smile. He wants to contact her somehow, so he takes out a classified ad in despearate hope she might see it. Some might call it romantic. I just call it creepy. Anyone got any stories involving an "I saw you" ad? Met their spouse that way or something crazy like that?

Well, I'm gonna suck it up and put an "I saw you" type ad right here on my lil' blog. Um, except it's not quite in the same context as the one I described above. Ok, it's not in that context at all.

I was looking at one of the blogs on my blogroll the other day and came accross a blog called "Thoughts on a Napkin" or something like that. It had a vase and a napkin with the title written on it placed among the flowers as the title picture. I read a few posts and really liked it, so I kept the window open meaning to come back to it later, but my dumb computer had a spaz and shut down on me. Now I can't remember for the life of me who had it on their blogroll. I've tried searching for it on google's blogsearch, but haven't seen it.

So... anyone know the blog I'm talking about? Would you be so kind as to leave it in my comments? Thanks in advance! :)

Yay! Anne from A little bit crazy pointed me in the right direction. Anne's the bestest! Go over and say hello. For a good chuckle, check out her series on Lily and Smacky! It made me giggle!

The blog I was looking for is called Notes On A Napkin. Katrina's "about" blurb is one of the best I've ever read (just below her picture). Her Lessons from Mom post is really touching. And plus, she links to Savage Chickens and Homestar Runner... she MUST be cool! :D


anne said...

I knew exactly who you meant!


Hillary said...

yay! Anne to the rescue! DA DA-DA DAAAA!

Jean said...

When reading this b4 your update, Anne was who I was going to direct you too :) I was late though.

Homestar Runner is HILARIOUS!!!!! There's a guy at church who does and exact voice of homestar runner. Be careful. It's addicting!!

Hillary said...

lol, oh yes, I've had my moments of Homestar addiction. I'm on the wagon now, though! ;)

PelaLusa said...

You can always press Ctrl-H in your browser to bring up your history window and then trace back where you were! Robert

Anonymous said...

Katrina was a roomie of mine in college. She's an incredible person and a terrific writer. Glad you found her blog!

Jenn said...

LOL! I've always wondered if those ads ever actually connect the original people, or just bring out the creepy types (oh, uh, yeah, that must have been me)

Glad to see a happy ending! :D

Katrina said...

Wow! Someone was looking for me? I can't tell you how warm and squishy stumbling across this post made me feel--thank you!

I have been enjoying your blog as well! As a "teacher on hiatus" (although technically the hiatus started right after college, so I've never actually taught--can I still call myself a teacher? But I digress...) I've been chuckling and aww-ing through your delightful posts.

This link is going right into my favorites, so I won't have to take an ad out on you! :)