Sunday, May 28, 2006

Not as young as I once was

"What am I, eighty???"

This is a question I've been asking nobody in particular these past few weeks as I've been getting increasingly more frustrated with all the whining and complaining my body has been doing lately.

I am NOT getting older. No! Never!! I will not have it!!!

Ever since my car accident in November (yeah yeah, I'm sorry, I refer to it a lot), I've been SO frustrated with my body. It aches, it creaks, it moans, it cracks. Ugh!

Before the accident, I was actually in an ok state of fitness (well, for me, anyway!). I was jogging, going to to the gym, hiking, just generally getting out and being active. That of course had to stop as I was dealing with whiplash (that and it was the winter time, a generally less active time for lots of people). About three months of not doing much got me out of the habit pretty quick, so when the doc finally said it was ok to slowly ease back into my routines, well, it took another six weeks or so before I actually did anything about it.

Basically I got sick of feeling like a fat lazy slug.

So I went for a run. Forty minutes, right off the bat. I thought I was going to die. BUT, I also felt great. Till the next day. My whiplash, which I was barely feeling the effects of anymore, was back with a vengeance, baby. My back was tight. It ached. I couldn't sit for long periods of time, I couldn't stand for long periods of time. And it kinda was my own dang fault. Crappity crap crap. So I stopped again for a few weeks, let my body recover.

Again, the fat lazy slug thing got me up at at 'em. Granted, a bit slower this time. I showed my face at the gym again, and took to slightly shorter runs. It was good. I was getting into the routine. I ran a few 5km runs, and felt great.

That is, until the day I ran about 5km then went for an 8km walk later that evening. My legs were kind of sore afterwards. Specifically my left calf. It ached. And it didn't go away. For a week and a half. I started doing some research and asking around, and lo and behold...

I have given myself shin splints.


Back to doing hardly anything again. I've been going to the gym, but have only been able to do about half the things on the circuit. Grrrr!!! I just want to get up and go!

I need to start slower, I realize that. But last night, as I was telling some friends of my woes (ah, how much patience my friends have with me!) my friend Laura pointed out: "We're not as young as we used to be."

And she's right.

Oh dear.


Heather said...

I know what that's like - I was in an accident a few years ago and went from pretty fit to what can only be described as mush ball in shape. I've lost most of the weight I gained and am finding the arthritis and soft tissue damage has finally stopped bothering me most of the time. Just do your best to stay active (walking does count) and when you give your body a pounding (ie running for a while) take some advil and find a good massage therapist. Hope you're feeling back to yourself soon!

Hannah said...

Are you over eighty? Well it’s tough to tell from here… Also I have very few age catagories. “young punks” 0-5months, “mature youth” 6 months and higher, and “the elderly” anyone over 5 years old. I fear you may be in that later category. I recommend low impact exercise like an exercise bike or swimming laps. You should probably talk with your ICBC supplied physiotherapist. If you don’t have one, poursuivez leurs bouts au loin, pardon my French…. I’m still learning;)

Brian said...

Body aches - ah, yes, it's a part of life (unfortunately). It's tough sitting on the sidelines. I haven't had any experience with whiplash, but I have had some recent running injuries. My first, as I found out from a *good* doctor, was due to my flat feet - orthotics fixed that, along with some physio. Hopefully, you'll be back on the trails soon.

Hillary said...

Heather: Thanks! I *do* have to remember that yes, walking counts. I don't get that same feeling from running, but hey, if I can't run, I don't have to do NOTHING!

Hannah: yes, in your world, I am rather elderly. And wow, congrats on the French! I had to do a double take when I saw that. "Wait a minute, that's FRENCH!" You should give your dad lessons!

Brian: Thanks! Yes, I recall you had to sideline yourslef for a while there... how's your foot these days, by the way?

anne said...

Ah c'mon. We're still young chicks. Just think how your body will be complaining when we are old. According to the commercials, alieve is the drug to take... :) or something like that. I too have succumbed to the lazy-slug situation. But more just because I'm lazy.

Now though, now I will either have more time to be lazy, or more time to get off my butt. Not sure which will come first.

Mrs. Miles said...

I feel for you! I have a rule I follow....if i dont' feel like running/excersizing, I give myself a 15 minute timeframe...if after that time I'm still feeling yucky, I can quit. Most often I keep going...that way at least you feel like you have a choice. I hope you heal up soon. I will leave this tiny prayer. Lord, you know the aches and pains in Hilary's body and if it is your will, please heal them. Please give her the entusiasm and strength to enjoy getting back in health. Amen" PS I always pray right away or I often forget ... ohhh also, you might want to check out a site my friend said is good for excersize...its online and free and gives videos etc..its at