Monday, April 03, 2006

Some good ol' fashioned silliness

I had an April Fool's/Poisson D'Avril party on Saturday night. My stomach hurt I was laughing so much. I have such great, up-for-whatever-I-throw-at-them friends who came over and helped me be a total wing nut for an evening (I'm only a partial wing nut other times).

The instructions? Come dressed inside out/backwards/wacky/all of the above, and be prepared for a zany evening. We played a number of games, one of which was a balloon stomp that ended with my coat tree tipping over, sending my two stacking shoe shelves (and all the shoes on it) flying. We had a backwards spelling bee, and a game where you had to tie your body into knots around a broomstick and then try to untangle yourself. Ouch. We also ended up having a silly string war of sorts in my living room. There may have been a gong, whoopie cushions, and a clapper involved. Weeehaaaw! It was so great to release that inner wacky.

Click here for more pictures.


anne said...

Sooo funny.

Tige said...

What an idea. Way cool.

heather said...

this is too fun! i just love it!

Jean said...

How fun! Looks like you all had a blast! :)

AfricaBleu said...

I love girlie-get togethers!
Glad you have fun, and that you have such cool friends.