Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It's quiet out there in blogland

Everybody seems to be slowing down on the posting these days... myself included. Here's just a quick update.

I've been sick-ish - just a cold, but my how that can knock a person out. I've been sucking back the DayQuil to get me through. DayQuil, how I love thy orange syruppy goodness. I have NO voice at. all. so teaching was pretty amusing today. Most classes I just took outside, the rest I pulled pity trips on and they were pretty good. In a whisper/wheeze: "Now, I can only talk as loud as this, so I'm reeeeeally gonna need your cooperation today.... Remember, I'm sick, and can't talk over you.... *throws a coughing fit, in part for show*" Ah, if only that worked all the time.

I had a fun weekend - despite said cold. Saturday I went for a hike to Norvan Falls in North Vancouver. It was hike numero uno for the season, yippee! Ok, ok, so it was mostly flat, but it was long-ish (14km return) so I feel justified in calling it a hike. Barely, but I do! :-)

I did announcements in both services on Sunday. I'm not sure if I'm gonna do them again once this schedule is done. After countless requests to use "guests" and not "visitors" (ok! I KNOW already, and have always done that!), THREE reminders to not forget the guest card announcement after I had already assured Pastor S that yes, I had done it last time, and Pastor S constantly nodding in the front row after each announcement, it's makin' me kinda paranoid! I love Pastor S, don't get me wrong, but he's freakin' me out! LOL!

I also got to help smash a hole in the wall of my church with a hammer on Sunday (heh heh, it helped get out some announcement frustration!). The original part of the building has been condemned for nearly 5 years now, and FINALLY we've done the initial rebuild fundraiser campaign, gotten all the permits, and are ready to demolish it. We had a little ceremony between services to say goodbye and to start off the demolition/construction project. Anyone who wanted to could take a swing at the wall. It seemed kinda wrong at first, seeing as this was the building where both sets of my grandparents and my parents went to church, and where I went to Sunday school. But I got over that pretty quick and took a few good swings. Hee hee! (photo courtesy of Brian)

I went (indoor) rock climbing for a friend's birthday Sunday evening. So fun! I haven't done that since grade nine, and I'm wondering why the heck not? Mental note: go rock climbing more often. But maybe not for so long next time. Trying to drive afterwards proved difficult as I had ZERO strength in my hands to grip the steering wheel. It's only my relative distaste for ramming into things with my new car that allowed me to muster up the strength to turn the wheel. (Don't I look like a pro in that photo? Ok, ok... so it's not me ;) That was one of our belayers)

Hmmm... what else?

OH! I went to a TUPPERWARE party last week. I know, I know, not that exciting, but it felt totally house-wifey (which is not a bad thing). There were babies everywhere! I totally didn't fit in, but it was fun anyway! I swore high and low I wasn't gonna buy anything... I ended up ordering almost a hundred bucks worth of stuff. And that "forget-me-not" onion holder thingy. I pretty much HAD to have one of those. It keeps onion stink out of the rest of your veggies and hangs on the shelf of the fridge so you don't...er... forget about it. Hence the name. Aren't they clever. Darn Tupperware and their new designer colours and atendee specials!

Well, this is probably the most boring post ever, but meh, what are ya gonna do. I'm off for a run in the beautiful sunshine. Later!


niki d said...

Hillary! Great to hear from you, I always enjoy reading your posts. :) I hope that you're feeling better soon! Oh and for the record, 14km definitely constitutes a hike in my books!! :) Speaking of books read my latest post. Quite a bore I warn you, I'm sure...but some good books listed. :)

K said...

Hi Hillary,

Thanks for having me here. I'm going on Vacation and I'm glad my blog has a nice place to be while I am away.


The Shoes of Salvation said...

Hillary, whilst you are off running in the beautiful sunshine, i am enjoying reading your blog. Not boring at all... but then i am bias to tupperware. darn them indeed :) he hee

anne said...

Good to be busy... :)

Lovely smashing, by the way!