Sunday, March 12, 2006

I got smacked!

A while back I submitted my blog to "I talk 2 much" for a review. They give out smacks as a rating system, but if they don't like your blog, you might get negative smacks, boots, or even rotten fish. I got three smacks (out of five), which was better than I was expecting! That's the secret, folks, aim low and you'll be satisfied! ;)

Their main critiques:

- My title is too long. Yep, I know it's long, but it says what I want to say about how I feel about my life. That one's staying. If you want to shorten it for a blog roll or something, it can be shortened to "Crazy Beautiful Life" or something like that.
- I had some random stuff in my sidebar, like the name of an old renter above the "Rent My Blog" box. That's gone, and I'll be cleaning up my sidebar some more later in the week when I get back from my mini-holiday.
- They told me I need to shorten my blogroll. I've been meaning to do that, and I'll try to figure out how to put it in a drop down box once I get back from vacation.
- They called my template boring, which it is, and relaxing, which is what I was going for. Yay! It was my first foray into HTML, so I was pretty happy to have figured out how to change colours, borders, formatting, etc. I know, I know, not rocket science, but I'm just learning! :P
- They mentioned my Amazing Race review - which I've done once and not again cause I can't stay awake long enough to see the end of it (I'm dozing by quarter to eleven, no matter how hard I try) and really, I have nothing to say about the show. I like it, I watch it when I can, but I'm no reviewer. *shakes head for even trying*

But all in all, not a bad review. *Grin*


Mike said...

I was reviewed last weekend and like you got a decent review. I like your blog...neat and decent can hold people's attention.

Congrats on the smacks!

leesepea said...

I have you listed as "I Love This...Life" on my blogroll.

'Cause it's the best way I could think to get you to fit on one line.


Ed Wing said...

Hey Hillary, even though they were rough, you still got 3 thumbs up. I know why. Your writing is cool! You just keep doing what your doing. We're listening

Ed in NYC

Hillary said...

Oy Vey, Ed... they were sooo nice in that review. If you've seen some of the other ones.... yeesh! Thanks for your kind comments! :)

And Leespea, that works for me! I don't care how people want to shorten it, if they're blogrolling me, then whoopie! :) Thanks for the link! ;)