Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Amazing Race Wednesdays

"Dan, we're just gonna have to get dirty." -- "Are you kidding?"

And they're off! The Amazing Race has begun for another season. I got hooked last season two seasons ago (wow, I totally missed the "family edition"), so thought I'd start a discussion board this season for you wonderful folks to chatter about the show!

Some first impressions:

- BJ and Tyler: oh my. After originally thinking they were nuts, I grew to like their kookiness! Not so sure about the orange ruffles, though! :) What was that that one of them said in the helicopter? "Holey Shamolies" or something? Tee hee, that's totally something I would say!
- Eric and Jeremy: Even with girls on the brain ("Were they a mother and daughter, or two hot girls with big b00bs?" "Yeah, we've got to meet them first change we get"), they managed to come in first. Meh.
- Lisa and Joni: the "glamazons." Ha ha, I love it! I'm glad they didn't lose, even if they didn't know there is a difference between Spanish and Portuguese. What the?
- Ray and Yolanda: I was worried for them when she said that they had been dating for years entirely long distance. Yikes... the first time spending ny long period of time together is the Amazing Race?!?! They seemed to get on pretty well. (And I had to laugh at Ray glaring the Brazilians who were catcalling every time Yolanda bent down to work on that bike.)
- Fran and Barry - Oh, I felt sooo bad for them running past that cluebox on the bridge a gazillion times. ARG! I was nearly shouting at the TV, "It's RIGHT THERE!!! LOOK!!!!" I'm glad they made it through, too.
- Dani and Danielle: You have to know that the first line out of a duo dressed entirely in hot pink would be, "I need some makeup and a brush!" For heaven's sake, chickies, the race is like 15 minutes old, and already you're craving your makeup? I'd love to see those two on Survivor. BUT, points to them for dissing the 'frat boys.' *snicker*
- John and Scott: I'm sorry - you get out of your cab in the middle of Sao Paulo, not knowing where to go, not speaking the language, and just start shouting stuff in English to the locals? (Shouting doesn't help them understand you any better, people) AND you spend all your time fighting instead of going somewhere? Yep, that's a recipe for disaster. Buh bye.
- Lake and Michelle: Gee, who's this season's villain? W.O.W. Lake is a serious jerk. And what's with his obsession about "the black people?" Hopefully at least he learned to read the clues before continuing. Neener neener!
- Wanda and Desiree: they seemed to do pretty well. I thought they were in for it, but they work together pretty well.
- That other couple... oh yeah... who were they again? Joseph and Monica - but I only knew that cause I looked them up on the website. Was it just me, or did these two seem invisible this episode? Maybe there were just so many other colourful characters, I dunno.
- THE NERDS! Dave and Lori: I think they're my favourite (gee, could it be cause I'm a nerdball at heart, too?) They just seem so fun, don't care what others thing, and - gasp! - actually get along! I'm rooting for them!

What was your favourite moment? Who do you predict will win? Who do you want to snark about? Discuss!


Dr.John said...

I don't watch the show. I hate all reality shows equally.
I did, however enjoy your write up. In fact I blogmarked your blog so I can come back every once in a while to see how things are going in the race.

H0kie Erin said...

Ohhhhh I hated Jeremy and whats his face. I hate people who are so proud of being lazy. "We want a million dollars, but we don't want to work for it." Gag.

I love the nerds too. They cracked me up. I kept telling Hokie Hubby - "honey, you know thats us, right?" I giggled when Dave said, "We just kissed in a helicopter above Sao Paulo - we're going to remember that for the rest of our lives." lol Awwwww.

I'm not real sure on the hippies. They have moments of humor and then moments of out and out weirdness.

Can't stand Lake. Jerk.

I like the older couple. The might need glasses though. lol

I also liked Scott and his partner. However, thats just because I know someone named Scott from Boston and hoped this Scott would be as cool. Uh. Not so much. I was sad to see them go.

P.S. Mojo (rolling eyes) was quite forgettable.

Useless Man said...

The idiot introductions.

"I'm Lake, as in Sea."

"I'm Ray, as in Sun."

Hello? That was absurb...

What else could you say? "Hi, I'm Frank, as in Hot Dog."

YellowRose said...

The Glamazons are my heros! Being a mom, in her forties, and relating to peeing in her pants part...I connected with them sooooo much!!! LOL LOVE THEM!!

Love "the nerds" they are so cute together! know all this...I posted all about it on my blog! LOL

Thanks for visiting! :)

leesepea said...

The family edition sucked.

You didn't miss anything.

Cathy said...

The family edition was on while I was staying with you.

We have the same edition playing here in Australia and I love is on at an annoying time but I make sure I am around to watch it!! 8-)