Friday, September 30, 2005

A New Blogger Trend?

Come on now, I know you have one. That photo of you as an awkward gunky teenager or pre-teen. Show it off! I wanna see! Ellen posted hers, which reminded me that I have a photo like that on my computer, too. And I'll bet so do you. Go on, post it!

Dah da-da daaaaahhhhhh.....

All I can say is, mom made me wear the jacket, I hated pink and shoulder pads. I had a big gap in my front teeth and didnt like to smile with open lips. And the glasses. Oh the glasses. They're even moderately straight in that picture. That wasn't usually the case! Gotta love the eighties!

Boy I'm glad I grew out of that gunky teen phase.

Eeerrrrr..... yeeeah. I'm out of the teen phase, anyway. ;)


Ellen said...

Oh no!!!!!

sarah j. said...

love it!! I remember having to wear a similar hideously big and shoulder padded jacket at one point in youngun' days.

momof2 said...

Ha! :) I love it too!
If you think you had a gap between your teeth, you should see my mug. Horseteeth, with a major overbite and gap in the middle.
At least your hair didn't appear to touch the roof of the car when you got in.
Thanks for sharing your pic, it's great

p.s.- i still haven't given up shoulder pads!

Kelly said...

Shoulder pads!!!!! Awsome!

Yolanda said...

Oh gosh you are giving me flashbacks with the shoulderpads- I had wayyyyy too many jackets with the big shoulderpads in them. At least your hair actually looked great even by today's standards.

Anonymous said...

I keep looking to see if Patrick Dempsy is behind you.

Clint said...

I don't have any bad pics...I've always been this cool.

Yeah right.