Monday, September 12, 2005

A new addiction

Maybe it was the huge gap in skill level between me and my friends that but a bad taste in my mouth, or maybe I just wasn't ready for it, but this Friday I became hooked on a strategic board game that was (is?) all the rage in Germany... The Settlers of Catan. Oh yes, my friends. Wood, sheep, ore, wheat, and brick... settlements and roads and cities... and, heaven forbid, the THIEF. I'm gonna have to get this out of my system.

I had played Settlers (Zeidler) a few times before with my friends from university, but they all had played it WAY more than I had, and had moved on to the expansion packs (Cities and knights and Seafarers) which makes the game infinitely more complicated. Not a good scene for someone just trying to learn the game.

But Friday night was a whole different story. I was playing with three other people who had never played (which meant I had a t least a bit of an advantage!). And guess what? I WON! I know it's jsut a board game, but holy smokes! A strategy game? Me?!?! YEAHOO!

I went on to the champoinship round (yes, it was a Settlers tournament. Man, I'm such a nerd. But so are my friends who I was with, so it's ok. I'm ok with being a nerd as long as I'm not alone! :P ). But my how this round was different. I was playing with Jason, who was totally new to the game; Dave, whose game it was and he's more addicted than I am; John, a Settlers fanatic; Jordan, a board game KING (don't EVER play Monoploly with Jordan. Ever.), and Lars, who is GERMAN.

Hmm... German game. German guy. Guess who won? Guess who lost miserably? Oh well, I'm hooked now. Which is good, cause so is Dave. We jsut have to hook one more person and we're off to the races.

Who will be the next LOOOORD OF CATAN?

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Paul said...

I seem to remember I was pretty bad at it too, but the instructions were in German, and they were being translated by the person who won. Hmmm...